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The womb where it happens

This is how I wanted to announce my second pregnancy. Because small Hamilton obsession.  (Nope, still haven’t seen it.)


Sean didn’t even like me joking about waiting a month to tell him just so I could use the line from That Would be Enough. I didn’t. He found out right away, not that I could’ve kept it a secret. Yay first trimester nausea and vomiting (worse this time around). Now it doesn’t make sense because I’ve known since before Christmas. 

I have to admit that Sean’s pregnancy/pop culture mashup announcement is better. It features big-brother-to-be, Xavi, required when announcing a second pregnancy via social media.  And Star Wars may be a bit more recognizable than Hamilton. 

Enjoy the video

Oh! I’m due mid/late August, currently 20 weeks. We don’t know the baby’s sex despite being able to know rather early due to a blood test for chromosomal abnormalities. Since they look at chromosomes they can tell the sex with 99% certainty. No need to wait until the anatomy scan or for baby to be in a showy mood. I took the test at 14 weeks, but didn’t look at my results. The midwife just gave me info about the relevant results for baby’s development and health. We will likely wait until birth, much to the chagrin of the grandmothers. They don’t like that they’ll have to Wait for It.

Tips on preparing Xavi for his transition to big brother status are welcomed! 

Apologies to Lin-Manuel Miranda for bastardizing his song title. 


4 thoughts on “The womb where it happens

  1. Christina says:

    All you can do is read books and talk about it. It’s a game changer for everybody and things will be crazy for a while but well worth it 🙂

  2. Momo says:

    Congratulations! I had those tests done too, but we definitely wanted to know the sex. Have you also been treated like an ancient woman having a baby? My health care team takes having a baby over 35 super seriously. Can’t wait to read about more baby news and see pics.

  3. Hi Momo! Congrats! I had a feeling from your IG posts. The practice I’m going to had midwives and doctors. I’ve been seeing the midwives and they’ve all be very chill about age and weight. I never lost the baby weight and have gained since moving to NY despite a lack of my favorite foods! Oh, the irony. The only difference I saw was in the amount of diagnostic tests I was offered early on compared to 3 years ago with Xavi. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had a kid already or they don’t see being 35 years old as a huge deal.

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