The semi-professional personal bio
Cindy Mosqueda (aka Cindylu) is a Chicana blogger born and raised in Los Angeles. Since 2001 she has blogged at Lotería Chicana, a personal blog exploring the many facets of life as a young Chicana, both personal and political. She is a writer and webmaster for Puro Pedo Magazine, a Chicano satire magazine. Over the years, she has been a contributor or guest blogger at several blogs including blogging.la, LA Eastside and VivirLatino.

Professionally, Cindy is passionate about issues of access to higher education, broadening participation in STEM fields and creating an inclusive campus atmosphere for traditionally underrepresented students. Cindy manages programs for high school students and college students aspiring to college and advanced degrees in STEM at private research university. When not working and blogging, Cindy enjoys spending time with her husband, Sean, playing with her sons Xavi and Archie, cheering for the LA Dodgers, reading, and listening to too many podcasts. Cindy and her family reside in Ithaca, New York.

The blog bio
I started my blogging efforts in November 2001 at Diaryland. My initial posts dealt with crushes, rants about school and thoughts on being a student leader. My blog evolved as I aged. I changed titles from Pensamientos to the current Lotería Chicana. I bought my domain name and began self-hosting in 2005 after realizing that I need more from a blogging platform than Diaryland offered.

I’ve continued to blog for about 17 years on and off simply because I love writing and sharing. Through blogging, I developed a strong sense of community with other Chican@ and Latina@ bloggers around the country. Although some of these friends have since discontinued blogging or decreased the frequency of posting, our friendships have continued to grow. Additionally, I’ve had the good fortune to be invited to speak on blogging in college classrooms and at national academic and journalism conferences.

I know my blog will continue to change just as I go from a college senior to a working professional to a grad student, professional in higher education balancing family life as a newlywed and mother. I just hope people keep reading.

Why Lotería Chicana?
The title comes from a collection of essays by José Antonio Burciaga (RIP) entitled, Spilling the Beans: Loteria Chicana. I love Burciaga’s prose and poetry. Spilling the Beans and Drink Cultura continue to be some of my favorite collections of essays, and not just for the great titles.

I love the metaphor the Mexican game of Lotería offers for a writer interested in various topics. Lotería is the Mexican version of bingo, but better. The game consist of 54 cards with different images of people, plants, animals, and everyday objects. It’s all a mix, just like my blog. Some days I may discuss my favorite foods (La Sandía) or may discuss my favorite bands and review a recent concert (El Músico).

As for Chicana? Well, that’s just who I am.

Digital portrait by Rio Yañez.

[Updated January 2019]

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  2. Hello Cindylu,
    I sort of feel like a stalker. I discovered you on GOMI. I knew you had to be Latina from some of your comments. I was so curious to find out which blog you had. I’m Latina, a runner, and a newbie blogger. I found your site by clicking on a comment you sent to Roseruner. Anyhow, I enjoy your blog and I will be following it. It is very nice to see a well written blog from a fellow Latina. We are often underrepresented in the blogging and running community. Congratulations on your sub 4 marathon!

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