Late winter in photos

It’s been a while since I’ve been a lazy blogger and done an Instagram photo dump and called it a post.

Taco Tuesday Tricolor

What a surprise. Even though I arranged my taco condiments in Mexican flag colors, the Mexico versus US World Cup qualifying match still ended in a draw. I thought that would do the trick. Nope.

What I saw before going to confession

This rainbow is located on the grounds of the Sony studios across from the church I attend weekly. I’ve never noticed it because I always entered on the east side. I found it fitting that I saw it last Wednesday, a day after I had a tough day and shortly before going to confession.

ZogSports scrimmage

Sean played ZogSports in New York. The league didn’t exist in LA until this season. Here he is explaining the rules to his new teammates.

Had to get a paleta de limón when the paletero passed by

I haven’t had any cravings in the traditional sense, but I do indulge in stuff more often. Normally, I’d let the paletero go by, but this time I had to flag him down for paleta de limón. It was the perfect refresher after a walk in the park.

Diddy Riese

I went on a walk to the farmer’s market and came back with cookies. I think I’m doing it wrong.

Should probably host a game night soon

I need to host a game night.

John Wooden statue outside the renovated Pauley Pavilion

Sometimes during lunch I like leaving campus to take a walk in the adjacent neighborhood. Other times I just go to parts of campus I never visit like “the hill” where the dorms are located. I passed the new-ish John Wooden statue on the way.


One thought on “Late winter in photos

  1. Julie (A Case of the Runs) says:

    Great taste!! A few months ago, I was craving paletas every night. No trucks come by here, and all the drug stores within walking distance had any…

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