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Ninety-eight days*

*Countdown to the expected due date. Of course, I know this is plus/minus several days.

A few weeks ago, I went in for my monthly appointment with my doctor. While waiting to check in, the woman ahead of me told a teenage girl next to her, “I keep seeing pregnant women. It must be a sign.”

“Huh? I’ve only seen two,” replied the teenager.

“I’ve seen five. Three walked by. One was just ahead of us in line. And there’s the other woman in line behind us.”

She wasn’t talking about me. She was clearly talking about another woman who looked much further along in line behind me.

When Sean joined me in the waiting room, I told him the story and offered a fake cry. I was a little bummed about not yet looking pregnant to strangers. I guess there’s benefits to that.

I can still wear a couple pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans if I use a ponytail holder looped through the button hole. Strangers don’t reach out to touch my bump or try and make conversation about my pregnancy. No one has said “Wow, you’re getting big!” or made other rude comments about my size. Nor do I receive unsolicited advice — actually we’ve been asking friends for advice and they’ve been awesome. I’m on pace for the recommended weight gain.

23 weeks and counting/growing

And I got accused by my cousin Nancy of exaggerating my bump in the Instagram photo above (taken at 23 weeks). She was right, but how often do you pose for a picture by sticking out your belly?

Anyway, I know this will change as I approach the third trimester.


When I got in to see the doctor, she started with her usual, “how are you feeling?” We followed up about my near fainting episode. She then went on to the routine ultrasound. She hadn’t been looking around for more than two minutes when she stopped.

“Let me go get my colleague. I want her to see something.”

She left the exam room and returned with a second doctor. The second doctor introduced herself, asked me if I’d been leaking fluid (no) and went on to continue with the ultrasound. They took some measurements and determined that there was a normal amount of amniotic fluid.

“Sorry for scaring you,” she offered.

The whole thing happened so quickly, that I barely had time to get scared and think of all the what-ifs. Sean, on the other hand, had plenty of time to get worried.

I was told to focus on drinking more water throughout the day.


I probably would’ve been more scared if I hadn’t felt Baby Meatball move for the first time just a day before my appointment.

Since then I’ve felt his movements gets stronger and Sean’s been able to feel him too. It’s still weird, but I don’t want it to stop.


I passed on the baby registration process to Sean after our initial visit to Baby’s R Us (his post on that). I was a little overwhelmed by the various products. Sean’s been taking his job seriously and doing a lot of research. He’s awesome. Also on the awesome list: the friends and family who have offered hand-me-downs (e.g., my boss who gave us the crib her daughter has outgrown. w00t!)


We’re close on two important decisions:

1. The name. We have the same first choice and no clear second choice. Sean is ready to choose [NAME]. I feel like I need to see Meatball first to know [NAME] is right, but maybe that will change in the next few months. How did you know the name was right?

2. The paint for Meatball’s room. We just have to decide if we want three neutral walls and one brighter accent wall or four walls of the brighter color. I think both would be good with the crib we just received.


My dad is worried Meatball is gonna stick as a nickname, especially if he is chunky. My cousin Nancy thinks it’s inevitable.


7 thoughts on “Ninety-eight days*

  1. Natasha says:

    So excited to hear about your progress! I also remember the first time I felt the baby move…super overwhelming & emotional. =)

  2. Julie (A Case of the Runs) says:

    I’m not sure how a name is ‘right,’ though in the future I plan on not finalizing a name until seeing him/her. Fact: I’ve been told I look like a Cindy, no idea why.

  3. -k- says:

    98 days! Pregnancy goes by so fast when it’s someone else’s. :p So happy that you’re feeling the baby dancing!

    R.’s name was the only name, since before I knew she was coming. And now that she’s here it is the right one, confirmado–though I’m not sure I would’ve been able to say one way or another when she was a newborn? Honestly, it still feels weird to call her by it. She knows it’s hers, but I’m not sure how- we are nick- and pet-namey, and 9 times out of 10 we call her by one of many nicknames we have for her. So who knows. I bet you’re right about getting some clarity in the next couple of months.

  4. Dremae says:

    Ha! I used to call Kingston “baby.” It took awhile before we called him by his name. For awhile you’re so focused on a name and when they arrive that name is suddenly this wrinkly person and they have to grow into the name.

    I still call him baby. 🙂

  5. Ernie Ureño says:

    Hi Prima. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and that you can feel Meatball. How did Tamara and I know Gavin Hawk’s name was right? Well, for us, it was because there was no other name that we could both agree on. We both liked the way Gavin and Hawk flowed and sounded together. It was the front-runner for a long time and there wasn’t ever any other name that was able to supplant it. We had agreed that we wouldn’t “stick” to the name until we saw him. Once he was born, we still didn’t settle on the name until the day after. Even after having him with us and holding and seeing him for a whole 24 hours (although I agree with Dremae’s comment… he was just a wrinkly little guy) there still wasn’t any other name that came close to replacing Gavin Hawk. My Mom told us after the fact, that the origin of Gavin is Welsh and that it means “white hawk of battle.” Also, Hawk in Spanish is “Gavilan”… pretty close to Gavin. We know it’s the right name.

  6. You are so beautiful Cindylu. Glad the ultrasound went well. BTW I think Nancy is totally right, I know I’m always going to be calling Meatball…maybe even Meatballsito.

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