Mexican pop culture costumes

I’ve written before about my distaste for those pop-up Halloween store “Mexican” costumes. You know the kind, the ones with brightly colored sarapes, straw sombreros, and mustaches. The type that inspired the We’re a Culture, Not a Costume campaign.

Aside from the inherent ignorance and racism (considering the roots of such images) of such costumes the laziness also bugs me. You want to dress like a Mexican for Halloween? There are so many other options. Hell, you could go as George Romney. I heard he was born in Mexico, just like my dad!

Since 2007, I’ve modeled and featured creative and low-budget costumes. Some are based on Mexican and Chicano cultural icons. Some were based on scandals that year and have lost their humor. Anyway, if you need some last minute ideas, check out the list.

Red & yellow!

El Chapulín Colorado (or La Chapulina Colorada)

La Dama costume

La Dama from La Lotería

Hairdresser on fire

Hairdresser on Fire (Morrissey inspired)

Calendar girl (3)

Mexican Calendar Girl

My luchadora name: La Chicana de Oro

Luchadora (woman wrestler)

Tapatío Costume

Tapatío bottle

Border Crossing costume

Border crossers sign

La Adelita

La Adelita


Maggie the Mechanic (from Love & Rockets)

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Carmen Sandiego

La Catrina

The Bumblebee Man (from The Simpsons)

La Llorona


Ugly Betty (love triangle version)

Fernando Valenzuela

Sonia Sotomayor


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