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We clean up okay: Pro teaser photos

A few days after the wedding Michael Fletcher, our photographer, posted a few teaser photos. Naturally, we can’t wait to see more.

It’s been nice reliving the wedding through photos friends and family posted on Facebook and Instagram. We didn’t shy away from incorporating social media into our wedding considering our history, the fact that Twitter played a role in our engagement, and we’ve both been blogging over 10 years. We encouraged our friends to post photos using the #bicoastalwedding hashtag for Instagram and created a Tumblr blog with the same name for them to share photos. It’s been fun to see what others captured and see what we may have missed, especially on the dance floor and in the photo booth.

Back to Mike and Soupy’s (second shooter) photos.

Sean’s friend, Phil Young, made customized Dunny’s for us using KidRobot’s Munny kit. We placed them on the entrance table rather than the cake. Phil did a great job, especially with Sean’s suit and glasses.

We took formal wedding party and couple photos in the church and at the Brea Community Center’s Art Garden. The latter was uncomfortable. It was way too hot to be outdoors (the high was 107), but we worked quickly in 20-30 minute chunks and took breaks indoors where the air conditioning was on full blast.

Can you tell the veil is upside down? We didn’t notice this until I was waiting to enter the church and fixed it just in time.

That bouquet got heavy. I think it was a little too big for me. Oh well, that’s what I get for not being more specific about what I wanted with the florist.

All photos by Michael Fletcher.


7 thoughts on “We clean up okay: Pro teaser photos

  1. Hippierunner says:

    Beautiful photos. You guys look great. I don’t think I’ve said it yet so- congrats! You both look so happy, I wish you many many more years of joy!

  2. Cindylu you are beautiful as always. Sean does clean up nicely 😉 what a stud. I couldn’t tell at all with veil…only because you mentioned it.

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