Hitting the reset button on running

I’ve never been one to blog all my workouts. Lately, I haven’t had any workouts to blog. I stopped doing New Rules of Lifting for Women shortly after starting stage 3 in early August. I had excuses: it’s hot; I’m adjusting to a new job and schedule; I don’t want to get tan lines from my running clothes, those will look awful in wedding photos; I had wedding stuff to do. Of course, those were just excuses. Mainly, I was just lazy.

Being lazy gets old and boring. I miss running, racing and earning new PRs. I had a few of those last fall/winter. Despite some aches and pains that kept me from running higher mileage as I would have liked, I still managed PRs at the 10K, half and marathon distance. I feel most proud of my effort at the LA Marathon where I met my sub-4 reach goal. I didn’t recover well from the LA Marathon and cut back. I tried getting back to training, but fell off again after getting sick. I backed out of the Pasadena half marathon after fainting a couple days before the race. I thought I could use the Runner’s World early summer running streak to build my mileage back up, but it ended up just feeling like a chore.

I’m not in any kind of shape to race these days. I went out for a few miles today. I stayed away from the hills, kept it slow and easy, walked when I needed to, and left the Garmin at home. Even then it was tougher than I expected. I ran/walked 3 miles in ~38 minutes.

I know I need to take my come back slow and be patient. I do have one race goal, the Puente Hills YMCA 31st Annual Turkey Trot. It’ll be the 31st annual race… I can’t miss it.


4 thoughts on “Hitting the reset button on running

  1. I’m slowly getting into my running as well. With a pup that goes bonkers and howls when I leave, I could not run in the morning. But, I now know that after work if I run from the office I’m fine. Gotta squeeze it in where I can.

  2. Good luck with your training. I’m sure planning and getting ready for a wedding was a big time commitment, like having a part time job. Also it was pretty hot for LA this summer. Set small goals for yourself and it will get easier. Are you going to do the LA marathon next year?

  3. Hey! It looks like we are hitting the reset button at the same time. It is definitely hard to adjust to a whole new schedule, wedding planning and just everyday life and keep up with the usual running program. I’ve incorporated more cross training in my program for the winter, which includes cycling and swimming. I’m hoping this helps whip me back into shape and avoid injury.
    Cheers to getting back on track!

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