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31, Los Angeles & GPOY pre-post

31 - LA sports fan version

Maybe sometime soon I’ll have a photo of me wearing/holding up the jersey of whoever gets #31 on the NFL team we might get in LA.

I also chose this photo because it’s a gratuitous before/after photo. The first photo is from January ’09 on my first trip to the Staples Center. After the Red Wings beat the Kings, my date and I wandered around the store; of course I had to take a photo of the Kurt Rambis’ jersey. I know the jersey covers up most of me. Oh well, you can see it in the face right? This photo was taken just a few days after I started WW. [This is usually the “before” picture I use.]

The Dodgers jersey was a gift from Sean. The first jersey he bought was lost somewhere in a postal office in NY. Someone out there has a Dodgers jersey and is confused; there are no Mosquedas on the Dodgers. I took the second photo in June ’10, after getting to my goal weight and achieving WW Lifetime status.

There are a lot of differences between January ’09 me and August ’11 me. Things that I didn’t foresee happening in January ’09:

  1. Successfully losing 31% of my starting weight (60 lbs).
  2. Running a mile without stopping. Hell, running much longer distances without stopping and really enjoying it.
  3. Cooking decent home-cooked meals.
  4. Still loving the Dodgers even as they go through one of the worst seasons ever, both on and off the field. Troubles include life-threatening violence in the parking lot, threats of MLB taking over, severe decrease in attendance, possible bankruptcy and not being able to make payroll on the first of the month.
  5. Going back to work as a research assistant for my advisor to study the educational pipeline of underrepresented minority research scientists.
  6. Getting an article I co-wrote with colleagues published in a top tier education journal. I was last author, but that’s okay.
  7. Losing two long time roommates and seeing my living situation turn upside down initially. In the end it all worked out and I have some pretty cool roommates.
  8. Beginning to date Sean, the guy who inspired the concert buddy search and a post on mini crushes. After 9 months of doing the LA/NY thing, he moved to LA. A few months later, he asked me to marry him. Now we’re planning a wedding. Fun times (sorta).
  9. Having my words featured in some pretty cool places. I wrote about college affordability on the NY Times debate blog and was featured along with my father on NPR’s Morning Edition and Latino USA talking about our father/grandfather. I’m such a nerd that a year later I’m still geeking out over that.
  10. Getting in to the reading running and healthy living blogs. (More the former as the latter typically bore me.) These would inspire some quality snark and contributions to a meme. Today I found out I won Angry Runner’s contest. Neat.

There are some things that haven’t changed since then. Some of the changes were tough. The change in roommates wasn’t easy. Neither was breaking up with Alan in November ’09. I only alluded to it here, but it felt a little too personal for the blog.


7 thoughts on “31, Los Angeles & GPOY pre-post

  1. trucks_here says:

    have you taken a photo of Ed O’Bannon’s retired UCLA #31 bball jersey? maybe it’s hanging in the athletic hall of fame (been a while since I’ve been, so couldn’t tell you if it’s there or not). my all-time favorite bball player.

  2. trucks_here: No, I haven’t, but thanks for the heads up! I’ll go there tomorrow, well probably Thursday since I’ll be in the area that afternoon. I still haven’t bumped in to any of the players…

  3. “Healthy” living blogs generally bore me as well. Online food journals, zzzz. Food posts are OK when they’re in small doses, or covering AMAZING recipes, but I don’t know how people can write about their meals three times a day, seven days a week.

    Running (and other athletic) sites are much more stimulating.

    Your memes were fun and spot on. Congrats on the win!

  4. Marlene: I’m pretty average. I’m not getting any kids in to college or anything.

    Julie: Thanks. Yeah, the “pre” photo doesn’t really show anything except really chubby cheeks, but I had a lot of weight to lose.

    Sesa: I know a lot of the HLBs try to set themselves apart, but they all sort of begin to blend together. I do follow a couple that fit the mold, but can relate to the bloggers a little better. As for food photos, I love FoodGawker.

    Trucks_here: Nope! We quote from that NIH report, at least the most updated one, in pretty much every paper we write.

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