31, San Diego & five links

Just a coincidence

Remember when I went to a taping of The Price is Right… and didn’t win anything? Well, it aired on Friday. It’s online. My friend Lucy who smells like corn (10 points for you if you get the reference) pointed out the spots where you can see our group of 4 fabulous Chicana education PhD candidates — well 3 of 4, I’m the slowpoke of the group. If you care, they’re at: 0:47, 6:35, 7:43, 9:55, 22:35 and 37:35.

After 9 month or so hiatus, we finally have a new issue of Puro Pedo Magazine.

A friend linked me to the latest NPR Krulwich on Science story about favorite numbers. I wonder why it made her think of me.

Last week’s PostBourgie podcast featured a few notable guests as well as the usual contributors reviewing the documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest.

Chicano Twitter Bird

Sean created a Chicano version of the brown Twitter bird. I think we can call it the lighter shade of brown Twitter bird.


4 thoughts on “31, San Diego & five links

  1. I, Sara, declare this to be collectively the funniest post I’ve read on your site. Between the Chicano bird and the PuroPedo article on Morrissey, I’m DYING over here! My brother is obsessed with Morrissey, I had to send it to him & my dad immediately. 😀

  2. Oh apparently my dad was already hip to the magazine… of course. Must be nice to have a job that justifies reading the internet all day 😉 (He’s a Chicano studies professor)

  3. Julie: Tempurpedic beds are pricey, but they’re so comfy! My ex had chronic back issues and it really helped him.

    Sara: we’ve been doing the magazine for several years now but have lagged lately. It’s funny when we go back to old articles, we were like, “man, we were funny.” Hopefully we can bring more laughs!

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