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Last week I stopped by Rite-Aid to grab a drink before heading in to work. At first I was surprised to see that they were already had Halloween candy in stock. Then I wanted to grab a bag of fun size Snickers. I resisted. Plus, I barely had enough money to pay for my drink.

The thought of Halloween (and all that candy!) being a couple of months away excites me. I have fun picking my costume and putting it together as well as helping others come up with affordable, creative and sometimes culturally relevant costume ideas. I started the whole thing as an alternative to the super short, tight and sexy costumes.

I’ve also found that my low budget costume series has been quite popular and brings lots of visitors to my site. Check out my overall 10 most popular posts as defined by the Popularity Contest plugin (in descending order):

  1. Halloween on a budget: Old School Chola
  2. Halloween on a budget: La Chilindrina
  3. Halloween on a budget: Frida Kahlo
  4. Halloween on a budget: La Adelita (Funny thing, my cousin Nancy told me she wanted to dress up as an Adelita. I told her I did it once. She said, “I know, I searched on Google and you were the first to come up.”)
  5. Halloween on a budget: El Chapulín Colorado
  6. A Chicana outlook on Ruben Salazar
  7. The definitive guide to wearing your ethnicity (this could really use some updating)
  8. Nopalitos
  9. Halloween on a budget: La Catrina
  10. Concert buddy search revisited

All of these posts are more than a year old. Some as much as 6 years old. I wonder if this means I’ve already peaked as a blogger. Probably.


One thought on “31, Westwood & most popular posts

  1. Hey your Frida link isn’t right, FYI!

    I am going to borrow some of these for Halloween. lol. I’m SO BAD at coming up with costumes, it’s like that part of my brain died when I was a kid and never recovered. 😛

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