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Fun with a fan

A few weeks ago, Sean and I went to our first Hollywood Bowl show of the season. Along with thousands of others, we watched Grease and sang along to the classic hits. It was a fun night and my inkling that the beloved musical isn’t really kid-appropriate was confirmed. A few choice words in “Greased Lightening” were censored on the big screen with pictures (e.g., a cat, cow and can of whipped cream).

I usually don’t stay all the way until the very end of a show at the Hollywood Bowl. I’ll listen to the last song as I make my way out. Not this time. We were stuck in the throngs. On the walk back to the parking structure at Hollywood & Highland, we navigated the crowded sidewalk like we would in Times Square. Soon we were ahead of the crowd of drunk, slowly walking Grease fans. We only stopped when we had to at lights or driveways.

I was a little impatient as we waited for an SUV to exit the parking lot at the Methodist church on Franklin and Highland. That was until the woman in the passenger seat leaned over to the driver’s side window and said “I read your blog.” I couldn’t hear her, but was able make out the words. I was amused. I smiled and waved back and then she was off.

This is the third time I’ve been recognized while out and about. The first was at an education conference. A few months ago, I was recognized on the track at UCLA.

I don’t mind being recognized. If I wanted to avoid getting recognized, I’d be anonymous like The Militant Angeleno or El Chavo. I’ve admitted that I’d try to be nice if a random reader stopped me to say hi. Still, it’s always unexpected and throws me off guard even if I’m genuinely flattered. I hope I don’t come off as a dork, or worse, a jerk to my readers.


5 thoughts on “Not so anonymous

  1. Well, I hope your lip-reading skills were good, lest I’d think that person was cussing you out! Ha ha!

    I have been recognized a couple of times… it’s definitely weird to know that people could pick me out like that.

    That crawl back to the HB parking lot… I know about that! You didn’t mention the hotdogs…

  2. At a party a few weekends ago someone was complementing my vegan menudo. She said that she made it recently following a recipe she found online. It was fun telling her it was mine but at least I got an honest opinion before she knew my true fake identity.

  3. twitter trucks_here says:

    as one of those recognizers (track), don’t worry, you didn’t come across like a jerk at all. On my end, I kinda felt like a jerk interrupting a workout. (sorry about that!)

  4. Heheh, there are times The Militant wouldn’t mind public props like that, but in reality if people found him out like that he’d be terrified…Enjoy your onymity and the fact that people can personally tell you that you’re appreciated like that!

    Last week, the Militant rewarded three of his readers with a chance to (sort-of) meet The Militant at a recent Dodger game. It was a very cool and rare experience to meet a few of his readers in person, as you may or may not guess, but he has to admit that making them read and fill out the 72-page Non-Disclosure Agreement was an awkward moment!

  5. Julie,
    I have excellent lip reading skills. I hope. I’ve recognized someone from a blog at a race expo (but she doesn’t have a blog, she’s just on it about once a week).

    If I actually cared for menudo, I might try your vegan version. I used to make my mom pick out the tripe so I could just eat the hominy and broth with lots of oregano. I’ve never gone wrong with following one of your recipes.

    Trucks Here,
    No worries! I think we were on a down time. I need to get back to the track for some workouts rather than just doing road runs.

    I’m always a little nervous meeting other “online people” in real life even though I’ve never had a bad experience. I’ve met some great bloggers. Wish I could meet more, but a lot of them live far so those meet ups happen when there’s an opportunity.

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