Cynical Cinderella

I think this was for my aunt's wedding

I’m not the princess type.
I’m not a girlie girl.
I don’t need or want a lot of frills for my wedding.
And I sure as hell won’t wear a tiara.

At least that’s what the practical me says. My inner 4-year old in a fluffy dress with matching fluffy underpants and socks and patent leather shoes has a different opinion.

I let her out once in a while. She emerges whenever I have Lori do my makeup and hair for a special event. While Lori does me up, I say we’re playing Pretty, Pretty Princess. I love singing “Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid in karaoke, not that I need the lyrics. And I plop a tiara on my head whenever I get the chance.

Cinderella carriage

These tendencies reared their tiara-crowned head on Sunday. Sean, my mom and I were on our way back to my mom’s house after visiting a reception venue. As we merged on to the exit ramp, I noticed a truck hauling a horse trailer and a Cinderella carriage.

My inner four year old oohed and said, “I want!”

I got as close to the truck as I could and made Sean take a picture. As we passed the truck, I saw the sign which read Cindy Cinderella Carriages. Really, that’s the name.

When I got home, I checked out the poorly designed website and pleaded with Sean to let me have a carriage for the wedding. I was joking. Kinda.

After all, one of my nicknames is Cinderella.


7 thoughts on “Cynical Cinderella

  1. hehe, so cute. I feel the same way about not wanting the fluffy wedding dress story, and I think I have more testosterone than the average girl because I have so few girly tendencies….enjoying The Bachelor is one of those few! However, as a 4 year old, I was in boy clothes. Thanks either to my mom, or even acting like a boy back then.

    Runs near UCLA: gosh I had so many. I used to run back behind the sorority row, nice hilly neighborhood. Running up/down San Vicente from Brentwood to Santa Monica or the other direction is nice and simple and straight. Near Veteran and Sunset Aves is an entrance to Bel Air homes, and while very hilly, that is a magnicifent area to run.

    e-mail me for more ideas! I’ll keep thinking.

  2. -k- says:

    Oh no! Ha. On Twitter I thought it was one of those traditional horse-drawn carriages.. you might have to lock that kid in a closet.

  3. Gustavo:
    Who knows. All I know is I’m steering clear of the 405 on my wedding day. I won’t need any more stress.

    Thanks for those suggestions. I’ve done the UCLA perimeter, from UCLA to Palms (via Beverly Glen/Pico/Motor) to “commute” home, and San Vicente down to Santa Monica. Yay hills.

    It is a horse drawn carriage, but not Central Park type. The horse is white making it even more princess-y.

    I’ll add it to my summer reading-for-fun list.

  4. Diana says:

    I wanted a carriage for my wedding didnt happen, it was ridiculous to get one here in San Francisco, at least near my church. BOO HOO

  5. lil_nahui says:

    have to admit that i really wanted an old school low rider as my ride for the wedding. i smiled when i read your posting because something inside me REALLY needed to have it for a bit. until a week after I really needed to have it, it didnt matter. lol. My sister and her hubbie were our drivers in her white jeep. 🙂 no one noticed..

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