July haiku: Birthday and baseball

Enjoying the sunset before we left the pool party/bbq

Homemade mimosas
Knockout birthday boy post brunch
Three mugs too many

While making Sean’s card
Learned about Rule 34
Web meme always true

Brilliant fireworks show
Seen from freeway heading west
LA is lit up

First day back at work
Post long weekend, vacation
Miss the pool, long hikes

First year attorney
Fights to protect civil rights
Even for cholos

Feels like past summers
Cheers, sell-out crowd in stadium
Distracts from team woes

Another free game
And a Dodgers victory
Could get used to this

Pre grad school party
Sean has too much wine and cheese
Cindy laughs a lot

Venue gets mom’s vote
You should stop looking, she says
Get the deposit


One thought on “July haiku: Birthday and baseball

  1. LOL @ Rule 34… I had to look that up but I know the feeling. It’s always the “Oh.. oh God, this is NOT WHAT I MEANT!” reaction 😉

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