Hills and highlights

My sister posted the highlights of her day on FB. I’m copying her and listing some good things about my Tuesday.

I ran to the top of the popular Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook with the SportEve running group. The climb from the street to the top was over 400 feet in less than half a mile. My calves were screaming and I had to take walk breaks, but it was worth it for the sunset views at the top. The run through switchback trails on the way down was nice too, except for the swarms of flies — hope I didn’t swallow one — and particularly steep part of the trail I was sure I’d tumble down. Thankfully, I stayed upright the whole time and didn’t have anything to add to the list of embarrassing moments.

Staying up super late searching for wedding venues online. There was the scary (starting dinners of $100/person at a hotel near my family’s home) and the funny. Make sure your speakers are on. Best thing was finding several sites that meet our needs and are within our budget (not that it really exists yet, we just know what we can’t afford).

I had my annual 6-month cleaning and check-up at my dentist. Well, I didn’t see my dentist, just the dental hygienist who did his job and sent me on way with a “everything looks cool.” I can’t say for sure I’m cavity free (was in November), but at least my smile is a little brighter today.

Work was quick and efficient. We’re preparing for one of my favorite [work] days of the year, Science Poster Day, is coming up. It’s an opportunity for me to take the photos that will later make it into our program’s handbook and talk to my students about their research. I don’t understand most of it, but it’s still cool to see them growing as scientists.

I made my first cup of coffee with a coffee maker. Yes, I know I’m years behind. In my defense, my parents are not coffee drinkers and neither were my several roommates over the years. The newest roommate, J, brought a coffee maker when he moved in last summer. I used some free Don Francisco coffee I got at a race expo.

How was your Tuesday?


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