Let’s do this again: the daily haiku

Tacos with a side of radishes and cucumber

In 2005, I resolved to write a daily haiku. The project lasted through May or June and then I just stopped. It’s like the photo-a-day project. Eventually I ran out of interesting things to write about. Since then, I’ve written a few haiku whenever I feel inspired.

One of those times was last Friday after reading Marie’s haiku about the royal wedding. In the comments, I shared my own response in 17 syllables. I’ve been doing daily haiku since then. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Dear, I must confess
Slept through the ceremony
Ogled the lace dress

Hit snooze many times
Started long run at high noon
Punished by the sun

Suppose bin Laden
Was taken out by a kid
In a liquor store[1]

10K tempo run
At half marathon goal pace
Totally kicked ass

Andre extends streak
Singles in 29th game
But Dodgers still lose

Doctor appointment
To fix a nagging problem
But first, need some tests!

Four tacos for me
Five of carnitas for Sean
Full bellies for both

Know what I did wrong
Never connected with peers
Now they are all gone

Thor in the morning
Comics in the afternoon
It’s a geeky day

Dresses were a hit
They fit my mom perfectly
She looks beautiful

[1] If you get the reference, please don’t spoil it for others.

4 thoughts on “Let’s do this again: the daily haiku

  1. Denise Pacheco says:

    Much like! Keep going 🙂 I’m getting inspired to try my own hand at a daily haiku 🙂

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