An open letter to Andre Ethier

The hit that got him #29 in the hit streak

Dear Andre,

Congratulations on the hit streak. With the Dodgers’ long and storied history of some excellent ballplayers, I’d feel proud to be second on the all-time franchise hit streak list. Thirty games is might impressive. Even more, it’s cool that with a game loss and end to your streak you still managed to crack jokes about the media attention.

I really enjoyed watching you get closer to breaking the record. I’m sad the hit streak is over.

You don’t know how much I wanted to see you get to 31. It would’ve made my 31-loving heart so incredibly happy. I didn’t even care all that much to see you beat Willie Davis’ 42-year record. I’d actually have been cool if the streak ended at 31 and you just tied him.

Okay, maybe not, but only because your hitting streak has been of the few bright spots in a season with lots of troubles on the field, in the front office, and even in the parking lot.

Yesterday’s game was tough to watch. It wasn’t just that you kept flying and popping out, and struck out in the 8th. No, it was even more difficult because we could have really used a hit in the 8th when Matt Kemp was in scoring position and the score was tied. Worse, the rest of the team seemed to have the same problem. Sigh. I’ll stop complaining.

Dreaming of a better season in 2011

I’m still a fan. That won’t change. And neither will your place as my current favorite on the team and one of my all time Dodger favorites. You’re certainly higher on the list than Davis. I’m happy I got to see the streak in person (#29 up there) and have been able to watch you grow with the Dodgers over the last five years. You’re proof that good things do come out of Arizona.

Hope to see more great demonstrations of your batting (and fielding) skills this season and hope you inspire the rest of the players to start using those bats as intended.

With mad respect,


P.S. Glad to see that batting power back today with your home run in the Dodgers’ first victory in 4 games. Maybe you do better without the added pressure and media attention.


3 thoughts on “An open letter to Andre Ethier

  1. Steve says:

    I was surprised to find those on the hitting streak list weren’t much to write home about.

    More importantly than that, I’d argue the hitting streak actually hurts Ethier. Most of his singles barely found a home in the outfield grass, “cheapies” as my neighbor called them back in middle school. Barely bouncing off the bat, these hits weren’t the solid line drives or home runs we were accustomed to. Indeed, there was a hit that was originally drawn up as an error, before changing status again. It seemed singles were the only thing on Ethier’s mind. And now that the streak isn’t haunting him? That’s right, the kid hits a homer.

    The streak is over. If only that means less cheapies and more homers.

  2. Alfred: when you get back, we’re going to a game. No doubt.

    Steve: a hit, a cheap one or not, is still a hit. He gets on base and extends the inning. Now, if it comes when it really counts, with runners in scoring position, is a different story. Ethier isn’t the only one who has issues with this. The whole team is leaving runners stranded left and right. We really don’t know what was on Ethier’s mind. He says he didn’t think of the streak in his at-bats and was more concerned about winning the game. And we don’t know it if really “haunted” him. I think the media attention might have gotten to him, but who knows.

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