Pasadena Half Marathon goals

I’m running the Pasadena half marathon on Sunday. It’ll be my second time tackling the half marathon distance in a race. I’m not nervous like I was in October. I know I can run 13.1 miles, but can I beat my time from October and set a personal record? Maybe. The courses are much different. Long Beach is a fast and flat course along the ocean. We were blessed that day with perfect running weather and I easily finished under my goal time of 2:06. In fact, I was a little surprised that 2:03 came so easy.

Of course, Pasadena will be different. The course has some hills (all of miles 8 through 10 are uphill) and the weather is unpredictable. Sometimes May mornings can be cool hovering in the mid 60s with the marine layer providing some relief from the sun. Or they can be like last week, sunny with temperatures reaching the high 80s. And that’s in West LA. Pasadena sits at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and is always warmer. It looks like Pasadena will be on the cooler side (high 60s), and maybe a little cloudy.

The course isn’t the only thing that’s different. I gained a lot in training for the LA Marathon. The distance seems like an easy run and I know I can go longer. I know how I need to fuel and hydrate to prevent from fading in the later miles. I’ve done weekly speed work on the track and tempo runs. I run lots of hills. I’ve run my goal pace on a hilly course… at least for a 10K.

I should be able to meet my goals. I can do this.

A: finish under 2 hours

B: finish under 2:03 and set a personal record

C: finish under 2:05

My good friend Chispa will also be running. She was injured after her first half marathon in October and took some time off. I hope she has a strong race!


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