Me gustas…

10 things I really like these days (aside from spring, sunshine and longer days):

  1. Brightly colored tights and leggings (with short skirts and dresses, of course)
  2. Stacia’s essays on pre-motherhood
  3. Food Gawker, even if it is curiously lacking in photos of any Mexican or Latin American food. I was inspired to try a simple recipe for a lentil soup.
  4. Speaking of Mexican food, I’m still a big fan of Taza de Chocolate and her easy to follow recipes. I need to make mole al estilo zacatecano.
  5. Jordan! I’ve been sort of obsessed with my neighbor’s chubby toddler. Last year he ignored me when I’d say hello. Now he tells his mom that I’m his friend. He also calls me “pictures” because I was more than willing to indulge him and take pictures of his toy cars.
  6. Group photos and impromptu photo sessions with the cousins.
  7. Love and Rockets by los hermanos Hernández. I received three books of Jaime’s comics from Sean for Christmas and read through them faster than he expected.
  8. Watching Danny at work. He recently started culinary school. So far it’s fun to talk to him about his classes and even more fun to eat what he makes. Even the simple stuff looks pretty.
  9. Collaborating with Sean to make a bicoastal mixtape.
  10. PostBourgie has been one of my favorite blogs for a while now. Thus, I was more than a little geeked to learn that they’d be starting a podcast. They’re only four episodes in. You should check it out too.

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