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Paper bagging it…

Perhaps I shouldn’t have read Gustavo’s article on the dearth of comida Zacatecana in LA.

Such diversity is a natural result of decades of Mexican migration, but there’s one glaring anomaly: Zacatecas’ culinary traditions are virtually invisible in local restaurants.

This quirk belies demography. The state is to modern-day Southern California what Iowa was for a previous generation of Angelenos: a place known for its work ethic and its conservative values, and for sending hundreds of thousands of its residents to our sunny wonderland.

Now I’m hungry. Not for queso añejo (which my siblings and I always called queso de pata/feet cheese), or even asado (which I don’t really like and have never had at a wedding), but for a torta de chorizo (which I can’t have today, anyway).

My family doesn’t have a quesero, but we do have a chorisero. Every few months, we’ll get a paper bag with some chorizo links. It’s the best chorizo I’ve ever had, not the crap you buy at the store. Last time I had one, a few days after Christmas, was to prove to my Papá Chepe that I do eat.

I wonder if Mamá Toni has made any of her gorditas de frijoles lately. Those would be yummy today. Or capirotada.

Damn. I hope Mamá Toni saves me some.


4 thoughts on “Paper bagging it…

  1. My papa just got back from Zacatecas with some aforementioned “queso de patas”. It was so stinky (and delicious) that we finished off the rinds to boot!

  2. Lupita says:

    Oh, I like capirotada! My mom made me some when I went to visit them this past week. My dad quickly put his 2 cents in…”Capirotada? Eso se hace y come los viernes!” was Thursday. Goodness, he’s so traditional.

  3. R. says:

    Back in the day, everyone in my fam used to go crazy for some queso fresco (and they probably still do). I couldn’t figure out what the hell made these people wanna eat algo que olia a pezuña. Yeah, I would just call it pezuña and didn’t even bother to qualify it as queso.

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