That’s racist (Halloween edition)

In a supposedly post-racial society*, are costumes like this okay?

I think not. Still racist.

More racist costumes (you can even find some for kids!).

*In case it isn’t clear, I don’t think we’re in a post-racial society.


13 thoughts on “That’s racist (Halloween edition)

  1. I agree with you Cindylu, the costumes are racist. if it were truly a post-racial society, the costumes would not make sense to people, it would just be a poncho and a mustache, and not suppossed to stand for a mexican. the only reason they are halloween costumes, is because they represent ‘the other,’ something either exotic or something scary, or both.

  2. I’m curious Tin, how do you jump from the costumes being offensive (to you, certainly not to everybody, myself included) and even promoting a stereotype to being “racist”?

    Is every stereotype racist? How do you distinguish between say a stereotype and a generality?

    Not even trying to be combative here. I am sincerely curious.

  3. J says:

    So are the Frida Kahlo costumes racist? I’m an African American woman. I’d like to imitate the art icon at an upcoming Halloween party…or should I go as Diana Ross instead?

  4. ivette says:

    if you dress up as frida, you are dressing up as an art icon. if you dress up in a fucking sombrero, poncho and ‘stache you’re dressing up as stereotype of a mexican man. not the same.

    if i dressed up as a diana ross (as a Latina), i would have a costumed that emulated HER style, not some stereotype of a black woman.

  5. jk says:

    realistically, post racial or not its a known fact that alot of mexicans who live in mexico and abroad still wear traditional ponchos and sombraros (sorry for the spelling) In the same sense a sikh person wears a turban, or native american wears a pair of moccasins. Its not being racist its just embracing a culture

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