Bottom of the 9th

I’ve been to a lot of Dodger games, but this one was the best one ever.

It didn’t start out so well. We were down 2-1 and the Cardinals brought in closer Ryan Franklin (who does not deserve #31) to earn the save. The first two batters he faced, Andre Ethier (who hit a homerun against Matt Wainright in the 4th) flyed out. Manny Ramirez flyed out too.

Two outs.

And then comes James Loney. He hits a simple fly ball to left center. Matt Holliday goes for the catch and drops it, making a big error and likely hurting more than his ego. Loney hustles and reaches second on what should have been the game ending out.

Manager Joe Torre brings in Juan Pierre, the Dodgers’ best runner, to pinch run for Loney at 2nd base.

Next up, Casey Blake. Blake goes deep in the count (9 pitches, I think) before getting walked.

Tying run at 2nd base, winning run at 1st.

Next is Ronnie Belliard, a recent acquisition for the Dodgers. On the first pitch, Belliard hits a single right up the middle and brings in Pierre, the tying run.

The crowd goes crazy. Lots of hugs, high fives and general elation.

And now it’s fan favorite Russell Martin. He takes two balls and then catcher misses the third ball. Runners advance on the wild pitch. Martin takes a ball for the fourth pitch.

Bases are loaded! Torre brings in Mark Loretta to pinch hit for pitcher George Sherrill.

There’s a lot of rally towel waving, screaming and excitement in the stadium.

With the count 0-1, Loretta hits a single right up the middle to bring in Blake.

Dodgers win!

There’s elation on the fields, in the stands, in the parking lot and all the way home.

It was awesome.

Listen to Vin Scully call it


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