July in photos, part 2

July 11: I was very excited for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

July 12: That’s Jenny Lewis there. I think she was singing an acoustic version of Silver Lining here sans her band. I really like that song.

July 13: Adrian and I watched the advanced screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in South Gate. We saw a few people dressed up as witches, like this teacher or chaperone with a group of middle schoolers, despite the heat that afternoon. I loved book 6, but was let down by the movie, especially the changes at the end. Adrian and I talked about all the changes the whole drive home (he had just re-read book 6). Basically, I agree with Sean’s and Camile’s reviews.

July 14: The 31 on this banner caught my eye as I jogged past on my way to the park. I returned later with a camera.

July 15: I’ve been wearing a lot more aqua/turquoise. I figured my fingernails should match.

July 16: One of these days, I’m gonna remember to pack my running shoes and workout clothes so I can run the perimeter at school. It’s just shy of 4 miles, but is quite hilly.

July 17: Oops. No picture.

July 18: The pool party at the Custom Hotel near LAX was the first of four parties that evening. The next party was a potlatch. Party #3 was Descarga at El Cid. The final party was a house party in Cypress Park.

July 19: Dodger Stadium is still one of my happy places, even after an exhausting night out. I joined Oiyan and some other Ed School friends in the top of the 4th (no need to show up on time on a hot summer day). The Dodgers came back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Houston Astros 3-4. I think I saw a scene from The Sandlot when the pitcher botched a throw to first base (think Smalls trying to throw the ball and letting it go behind his head so it just falls to the ground).

July 20: Yes, we have murals on the Westside (Venice and Cattaraugus).

July 21: I’ve unofficially declared this my summer of no pants. Actually, I still wear pants, but most days I’m in skirts, shorts or dresses.


6 thoughts on “July in photos, part 2

  1. Diana says:

    Hola Cindy!!
    It’s been a while, i’m glad you’re having a good summer. It’s so cool you’ve kept up all your pictures! It insipres me to do something everyday to log my life or something, unfortunately this year it might get kind of boring. Actually- i think I might do it after all…

    oh, and cute dress in the 1st picture =D. hmm, I think I might have almost gone to that pool party that day. My boyfriend DJ’s those parties.

    Pues, enjoy the rest of your summer, I’ll be living vicariously through you. =)

  2. that mural at venice and cattarugus is right next to tacos don jorge! my homies

    and yes you look far too excited for a harry potter movie! (i have never seen a harry potter movie or read the books)

  3. Diana,
    But you’re gonna be student teaching. How could that be boring? I do know that it’s tough to keep the photo a day project fresh and un-boring, especially on those days when I just go to work, then home. Thanks! I got lucky finding the dress. Also, how cool would it have been if you were at the party too.

    Is Tacos Don Jorge good? I’m so lost when it comes to getting good tacos on the Westside. I’ve lived here for almost 9 years and I still haven’t figured this out. (I get my taco fix at family parties.) I’m not the only one either, I know others just as confused.

    Thanks. And yes.

  4. The shadow photo is a classic… I still need to see the Harry Potter flick… Your summers are always full of fun and smiles 🙂

  5. Vanessa says:

    Tacos Don Jorge is really good. I take my kids to eat there all the time, I take food to go on the weekends, and order party platters from them during the holidays. Try them out you wont be dissapointed. My personal favorites are the tacos de al pastor, chicken quesadilla w/green sauce, and the sopes w/xtra beans and cheese. yummmm!

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