July in photos, part 3

July 22: I spent the day in Hacienda Heights after buying some new running shoes with Lori. After taking VR for a walk, I chilled with Papá Chepe under the mora tree, the best spot at the house.

July 23: Lately, I’ve been running a new route. Rather than go past Cheviot Halls park to Pico, I go around the park and adjacent golf course. This course is a little longer, but offers more shade and is more populated. I also catch some lovely sunsets.

July 24: I never boycotted grapes. I didn’t even know about the boycott until it was over.

July 25: I got to catch up with family and coo over Isabelle at her first birthday party. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to play with her.

July 26: My new running shoes match my fingernails.

July 27: I stepped away from the comal and these got a little too toasty. I didn’t mind though. I like my tortillas that way. I get it from my dad.

July 28: Headache. And this was before the busiest day of the summer.

July 29: I meet incoming freshmen here.

July 30: I bought this 160 gig iPod last year (exactly). I’d lost my iPod in the airport on the way back from Chicago and couldn’t go more than a day without my music and podcasts.

July 31: I’m so Chicana that my first race is the 5K Sunset Indian Run sponsored by the Aztlan Track Club. I didn’t get a trophy (hah!). All I got was a t-shirt, paleta de tamarindo and a great view of the city from the trail through Elysian Park.


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