July in photos, part 1

Finally caught up! Maybe soon I’ll start writing actual text-based posts once again.

July 1: Alan and I spent the afternoon at the beach. The water was too cold to bother getting in, so we entertained ourselves by playing catch and later taking a walk to the Santa Monica pier. As usual, it got pretty cold in the evening.

July 2: I met up with the LOST crew at Trópico de Nopal for a Michael Jackson tribute night. Pachuco3000 made me pose like this. I think he knew what he was doing.

July 3: I like turtles. I think the affinity began sophomore year of college when I dated a boy I nicknamed “the Turtle.”

July 4: The 4th was really low key. My parents were out of town and my brothers were off doing their own thing. My sister’s boyfriend BBQ’ed at the house. Later, I sat out in the front yard to watch the fireworks with Papá Chepe and Mamá Toni.

July 5: Lori and I enjoyed a great concert by Death Cab for Cutie (with the LA Phil) and Tegan and Sara. They ended the show with a stunning fireworks show perfectly timed to Transatlanticism.

July 6: I met up with Pachuco3000 for a yoga class at Yoga Circle Downtown across the street from this building. It was my first time taking such a class and I really enjoyed it. The teacher knew I was a beginner and made sure to periodically check in with me and helped me out with some of the poses. Unfortunately, I haven’t gone back since. Mondays don’t work out too well for me.

July 7: Proof that I did hold a raffle for the Harry Potter 6 screening tickets, at least for the LA screening. There was only one entry for New York and Miami.

July 8: In another effort to vary my workout regiment, I added swimming. Thus, I needed a lock to store my things. Unfortunately, I haven’t stuck to swimming either.

July 9: I’ve been wearing my arracadas more these days. These are about the size of a nickel.

July 10: Alan won a Curious George for me at the fair. Curious George chills in the living room with the other giant stuffed animals, the turtle and the bear. With a few more stuffed animals our living room will soon resemble FAO Schwarz.


4 thoughts on “July in photos, part 1

  1. You guys are too darn adorable… And, Curious George got the “happy chill mode” look on his face… Lovely.

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