June in photos, part 1

I did a better job of taking photos in June.

June 2: We celebrated the director’s retirement during our end of the year social. I’ll definitely miss him and the passion he brought for supporting students to succeed in the sciences. I got an email from him today and learned that he’s enjoying his retirement.

June 3: All I wanted was a purple dress, but this one didn’t make the cut. It was too expensive, didn’t fit right and I didn’t like the ruffles down the middle.

June 4: At my last Student Fee Advisory Committee meeting, the committee members gave me a nice pen and business card holder. I really enjoyed being on this committee, even with all the headaches that came with the budget cuts. Oh yeah, this was the first time in my many years of student leadership experience that I was the chair of anything.

June 5: Ozo dressed himself. He couldn’t decide whether to support the Lakers (in the playoffs), the Red Wings (also in the playoffs) or the Dodgers (in the midst of an excellent first few months).

June 6: The best compliment I got at the MEChA de UCLA 40th Anniversary dinner was, “you don’t age!” I heard that from someone I hadn’t seen since 2000 or 2001. Also, we clean up okay, don’t we?

June 7: We took a walk over to the annual South Robertson Festival planned by the neighborhood council. There was all kinds of cool stuff for kids like several different jumpers/brincolines, this mechanical bull, rock climbing and a crafts tent. For the adults, there was music and dancing. I think the kids had more fun, but not this guy. He didn’t seem to get the point of the bull and kept asking the operator not to shake the bull.

June 11: Oh hai.

June 12: My cousins all celebrated a graduation this year. Nancy earned her Bachelor’s in Social Work. Vanny earned her AA and is now at Cal Poly. Valerie, the baby, just completed 8th grade and “graduated” to high school. Go cousins! We also sang Las Mañanitas for Mamá Toni on the eve of her 87th birthday (that’s only a 3rd of the cousins).

June 13: In-N-Out cheeseburgers make him happy.

June 14: Lakers win! We celebrated peacefully.


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