June in photos, part 2

June 15: My buddy Alfred hooked it up with a free ticket on free parking (!) day. I joined him, and his family for a great game. It was his little brother’s first game. He was in awe of the whole thing.

June 19: Three of these bags (the fourth is laundry) were delivered to Mamá Toni so she could take to Tijuana. I’ll have a few more bags for her soon. These days, I really don’t feel like I have anything to wear despite buying some new basics.

June 21: I’m always learning from dad. I like that.

We had some yummy carne asada and pollo asado at my cousin’s house. We played some H-O-R-S-E and I wasn’t too horrible thanks to Alan’s shooting advice. That evening, we checked out a great show at the Hollywood Bowl (Raphael Saadiq, Santigold and Femi Kuti).

June 22: I think I got my love of jigsaw puzzles from Grandma. (Photo actually taken on the 25th, but I put in a lot of hours on this 1,000 piece puzzle, so this still counts.)

June 24: There’s nothing like a 3-hour Café Tacuba show to kick off the summer. Also, I love the height difference here.

June 25: I got news that Michael Jackson had been rushed to UCLA Medical Center via Facebook and then Twitter. It was a bit surreal that it was all happening so close. I didn’t get any work done as I followed the news that he had passed away. On my way home from work, I checked out the scene at the hospital. It seemed like equal parts mourners and journalists.

June 26: I headed over to Little Tokyo with Oiyan for “Robot Trifecta” of Astro Boy, Gigantor and Voltron at the Japanese American Cultural Center. We giggled at some of the suggestive scenes in old school anime like Astro Boy, above.

June 27: Bruins for Change kick-off event downtown at the new LA Theater Center. It was good to see some of my fellow alumni and get a cold beer with them afterward.

June 28: My friend Lucero celebrated her birthday with two nights out. I joined her, Jenny, and several other friends on the second night for more dancing (lots of MJ, of course) at the Room in Santa Monica. (Stolen from Daniela.)

June 29: It may be hard to see, but the O in hip hop on this license plate is replaced with a heart. It reminded me of Act Too (Love of My Life) by the Roots, featuring Common.

June 30: Look! We’re on the field at Dodger Stadium. We watched the fireworks show from left field along with many others. It was pretty nice. Too bad the Dodgers lost.


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