A few of my favorite things… from 2008

Yeah, I know I’m about a week late for 2008 favorites lists, but I was too busy enjoying the last week of my vacation to stop and write about an overall pretty great year. Thanks to Sean for this concept (and for contributing to #10).

In no particular order, my favorite things of 2008:

  1. MacBook: I finally made the switch when my Fujitsu LifeBook died. The switch was smooth and simple. My only gripe is that the LifeBook was much lighter.
  2. Wii: one of the best birthday gifts ever. I spent most of my time playing the games I downloaded from the virtual console like Donkey Kong Country. It’s strange how I remember secrets and other details about the games despite not having played in ~15 years.
  3. Muxtape: The concept was simple. Choose 12 songs (or less), upload them to the site, title your mix and then share with friends. I made a few mixes based on different themes and shared them with my friends. Sadly, the RIAA shut Muxtape down.
  4. This outfit, sans giant sombrero. I wore dresses and skirts a lot more often this summer, but this one was my favorite.
  5. Headbands: I cut my hair shorter than ever in June. There was little I could do with it and it was too short to pull back. I took to wearing thin headbands and liked the simple look.
  6. The stools in my parent’s new kitchen (forgive the rude brother): the kitchen and living room were remodeled over the summer. The new kitchen is nice. My favorite part is the tall stools for the counter/table. I love them because they make me feel tall.
  7. Jay Smooth’s videos: people, people, people! His videos are smart and entertaining.
  8. The Ojitos series, plus comments: I had fun telling the story and keeping people guessing. Plus, it opened me up to writing more vignette-ish posts.
  9. Free admission at LACMA after 5 pm: I’d taken advantage of this before, but this year I seemed to go every other week. During my visits I discovered this dog. I want this dog.
  10. Concert buddy application CDs: okay, so no one who sent a CD lived in LA, but that was okay because several of the songs/artists on those CDs quickly became new favorites.

Honorable mention:
My canas. I’m beginning to really like them.


4 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things… from 2008

  1. wow, I didn’t know you got the Wii. I try to stay away from video games, I have an addiction to them. My daughter has the nintendo DS, and even that I play sometimes. How do you make time between grad school and gaming?

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