December Project, Part 3

Dad and Grandpa Bartolo, July 23, 1977

I scanned dozens of old photos while hanging out at my parent’s house. I really like this one of my dad and Grandpa on my parents’ wedding day. I meant to include it along with a post about Grandpa’s death on December 28, 1996, but writing the post felt too personal and something felt wrong. I should write about his life. Sadly, I don’t feel like I know enough about his or Grandma’s life. But that’s what research is for.

Enjoy the rest of the much more recent pictures.

December 21: I opened up one of my Christmas presents early. I’ve been getting better at Guitar Hero, especially after not playing since March.

December 22: My brother treated my mom and siblings (dad was working) to an early Christmas lunch. We shared dessert and still didn’t finish the cake and ice cream.

December 23: I didn’t know it at the time, but I had quite the reflective Christmas.

December 24: Our family Christmas Eve party was held at my tía Martha’s house this year. We had a blast eating (tamales, pozole, lasagna, hot wings, all kinds of sweets), playing games (Taboo), being crafty (painting magnets), singing (karaoke, carols), opening presents and of course saying the Rosary. Dad left his guitar at home, but Lori left the house later and brought it over. Good thing. We needed him to play our favorite Christmas Carols so we could sing along. My favorites are “Noche Feliz” and “La Virgin Se Está Peinando” and “Angels We Have Heard on High.”

December 25: Christmas Day at home is rather low-key. We don’t do much. Danny and I watched the Laker vs. Celtics game together. I usually don’t like watching sports with him because he gets really loud. I didn’t mind this time, as the game was rather exciting. The Lakers ended Boston’s 19-game winning streak. We felt like the Lakers avenged their embarrassing loss (see that 131-92 score?) to the Celtics in the finals.

December 26: While mom and dad looked through albums and boxes stuffed with unorganized old photos, I took the same photos and started scanning. There were some hilarious photos in those boxes, like the one where dad dressed in drag for Halloween. I also saw some new (to me) photos, such as one of dad as a one year-old in 1954.

December 27: I arrived super late to a friend’s holiday party (that’s what I get for not writing down the address). I still had a chance to savor some warm champurrado, catch up with some friends and get a tour of his awesome home. I liked this Jaq ornament on his Christmas tree. I believe Jaq (from Cinderella) and Gus Gus were toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals some time in the ’80s. My family had these ornaments too.

December 28: VR has been rather mischievous lately. He ran away Friday night. I couldn’t find him on Sunday night and thought he’d gotten out again. I searched every room twice before finding him under the blankets in my brother’s room.

December 29: DB and I took a walk along the canals in Venice after dinner. We were pleasantly surprised by two homes with more Christmas lights than I’d ever seen. I felt like a kid watching the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland, sans music, of course. A woman on the bridge over the canal offered to take a picture of DB and I in front of the “house of wretched excess.” I guess some neighbors get tired of the lights.

December 30: I’m hoping a friend can repair this beaded necklace I bought in Guanajuato. It’s too pretty to just leave it sitting on my dresser.

December 31: Our NYE plans came together at the very last minute. We had fun, save for the part where I hit DB’s eye with a noisemaker. Oops. Happy new year! Hope your NYE was free of injuries.


3 thoughts on “December Project, Part 3

  1. I have to tell you Cindylu, I love these posts. I hope you keep them up. It would such a great memory book for you. That first picture is awesome! And is that DB in the last picture. How cute are you guys?

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