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The problem with Lincoln Heights

the banana that almost caused my downfall

El Chavo told me not to take his post about the problem with Hacienda Heights personally. I told him: “maybe I should start writing negative posts about Lincoln Heights or other parts of the Eastside. I’ve been there enough times to make observations and form opinions about singular events.” I went through with it… sort of. I basically played Mad Libs with the original post. You know us kids raised in the suburbs, we’re so unoriginal and ready to copy the latest trend!

I’ve never talked shit about the neighborhoods to my east (or west, if I position myself in Hacienda Heights) on my blog/blogs I’ve contributed to. I had no reason to start bashing the Eastside or its neighborhoods. Some of my best friends and family were born, raised and still live in the Eastside. I didn’t want to ruin relationships or create hostilities with them.

However, it’s impossible for my sense of decency to keep quiet. The Eastside, particularly Lincoln Heights, creates odd behavior patterns, maybe perfectly reasonable within the context of their own reality but utterly absurd when exposed to the light of reason.

Take for example this banana peel spotted in the parking lot of a LH Big Saver Foods a few weeks ago. I don’t understand why the consumer of this banana could not just toss the peel in a garbage can rather than leave the peel on the ground. Maybe folks in LH missed the classic cartoon lesson — or have never played Mario Kart — banana peels are dangerous. Someone (that would be me) could slip and fall. Luckily, I have decent reflexes and caught my balance before taking a fall. I doubt an Abuelita out to buy some groceries would have been so lucky. She might have broken a hip bone. I don’t get it. Are there no garbage cans on Broadway or the Big Saver Foods grocery store? I have no idea, but whatever the “logic” that led to the careless parking lot disposal of this banana peel, it just points to some warped thinking happening on these streets (or cars, I guess a LH driver could have thrown the banana out of his/her car). Fucking negligent thinking.

I almost considered picking up the peel and disposing of it properly, but neh pollos, who knows what kinda germs are on that banana peel. I didn’t even have my Purell in my purse.

If people can build opinions about Hacienda Heights from a lone Christmas tree tossed to the curb on Christmas afternoon, isn’t it appropriate that I be able to form an opinion from some random sighting on my way out to a delicious dinner in LH? I think the notion of justice demands I create a similar prejudice, just to be fair.


18 thoughts on “The problem with Lincoln Heights

  1. Apparently a culturally ignorant self-absorbed Chicano in Lincoln Heights says:

    …Bitch, whatever. What’s your complaint? Really, what is it? So some guy decided to blow his cash on a banana and throw the peel on the curb it’s not supposed to be up. How does that one person’s act reflect in any way on the community at large? You say you want justice because we apparently only look at your neighborhoods as incubators of conformity. You got to set yourself straight. Whether you like it or not, there is a disparity between Hacienda Heights and the urban areas west of it. Think about it, you’re complaining about a banana peel when you should be complaining about real injustices like wasteful financial decisions in your neighborhoods, racist citizens who fled the city, educational opportunities squandered by lazy youth, serial killers, NIMBYism, McMansions, a big-box/strip mall based local economy, Chili’s/Applebee’s, people who drive more than thirty minutes to work, and worst of all, an exclusive cultural mindset that doesn’t permit outside influence or acceptance. Yet you have the gall to pick on us in the “city” because you want to complain about a banana peel. If you feel you’re not getting “respect” from urbanites who you think don’t “care about you;” well I think you just found out why. Use your website as a platform for some real change in your neighborhoods and as a stalwart against the institutional elitism that is at the other sites like Whittier Daily-News. Don’t hate on use because you think we’ve rejected assimilating and losing our cultural identity. We’re the only ones who give you real love because we know where your parents came from and we can identify with them. We’re not from the “hip” communities of Silver Lake and Koreatown, who only see Hacienda Heights as nothing more than an extension of the Inland Empire. Lose the attitude and ridiculous pride. Say something worthwhile.

  2. Chidolitis says:

    @self-absorbed Chicano from Lincoln Heights:
    the problem with self absorbed Chicanos from Lincoln Heights is that they don’t have a sense of humor or know the meaning of the word Payasadas. Which, I might add, is one of the tags of this post. So yea..con todo respeto, es usted un pendejo…and don’t call cindylu a bitch.

  3. Apparently a culturally ignorant self-absorbed Chicano in Lincoln Heights says:

    @ the two pendejas/os above me:

    read the original post and comments.


  4. apparently..,
    don’t call me a bitch. i know what you were doing, but you took it to another level. bitch is not the equivalent of “dude.”

    chidolitis & mooch,
    you’re definitely not babasos or pendejos, but you should see the original post. you’ll actually find that the original “apprently…” wasn’t all about the name-calling.

  5. alienation says:

    it isn’t nice to toss trash onto the ground. it should be tossed into a trash can, or kept until it can be.

    the guy who dumped this peel probably had a car, and just didn’t want some garbage in his car. so he turned the surrounding environment into a trash can. i see this all the time.

    i live in LA, and spend most of my time in LA, and people in the central part of LA are a bunch of litterbugs. doesn’t seem to matter where either – ktown, boyle heights, echo park, hollywood, south central. i’ve seen people littering as it it’s nothing. i’ve seen people letting their dogs shit on the sidewalk.

    littering, to these people, seems like a way to preserve ones own personal “cleanliness” by offloading the garbage onto the environment. it’s total selfishness and disregard for the well being of others.

    though it’s a minor quibble compared to political corruption, gang violence, racism, and poverty, it seems to me like an indicator of how people feel about their surroundings, and each other. i don’t think the big problems and small problems are really separate — we are whole beings, and should live our lives doing right by the small things as well as the large things.

  6. Hmm, you make an excellent case pointing out some of the shortcoming of my neighborhood, the trash aspect is almost always the issue people tend to comment on when first stepping into LH. I think the stray banana peel was likely dropped accidentally by an individual rushing his kitchen scraps to a nearby composting facility (because we are very green around here and care about the environment) and in such a haste to act against global warming, they did not notice that the item had not made it to it’s intended destination. Yes, that’s probably it. But your theory has it’s own merit, I shall retire to my chambers and contemplate your perspective. Plus, I will not take it as an affront to myself, my community, or my family and will recognize your post as a thoughtful contribution to a dialogue between our respective living environments. Thank you for your time.

    Now I’m off to buy more bananas! 😉

    PS. That “bitch” opener is inexcusable, even though the rest of the mad-lib comment worked well. An apology is in order.

  7. O.K. says:

    To Apparently a culturally ignorant self-absorbed Chicano in Lincoln Heights:

    Jesus H. Christ breath man. I can see the veins popping out on the side of your neck and forehead already. Count to 10! 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0. Did you not see that this was a satirical play on one of her Blog-o-buddies posts? If the kids from the burbs piss you of so much, why even respond? Unless of course the kids in the burbs are who seek acceptance from. Why get all bent out of shape? FAH-Q man, take in some oxygen and try less to come off like a wounded whiner…

  8. Apparently a culturally ignorant self-absorbed Chicano in Lincoln Heights says:

    Suck it, everyone! No need to be PC.

    @ O.K.,

    Like I said before, read the original post and the original comment. Puto.

  9. Apparently a culturally ignorant self-absorbed Chicano in Lincoln Heights says:

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some people to terrorize in Covina.

  10. O.K. says:

    To Apparently a culturally ignorant self-absorbed Chicano in Lincoln Heights Says:

    Gee, you called me a puto on the internet. With its own sentence and a period at the end even! Punking people on the internet is like winning in the Special Olympics, it is still retarded. Anyways, let me speak to you in your language internet warrior… you love dong like a fat boy love cake. Chode lover!

  11. Hi Cindylu, props for you for allowing all these comments to stay in your post. i think i would have erased people disrespecting like that. I think Chavo’s answer is a good example of how to disagree/dialogue over the internet, using profanity against others in a blog it’s just stupid.

  12. Gustavo Arellano says:

    Cindy: It’s not only acceptable, it’s fun to bash other neighborhoods. The Chicano All-Stars of the Eastside do it to us in Orange County all the time!

    My only problem with Hacienda Heights is that I can’t distinguish it from the nicer parts of Pomona. My only problem with East Los Angeles is that the liquor store close to where my uncle lives doesn’t have arcade games anymore.

  13. alienation says:

    Regarding my comment: It’s not only LH. In fact, LH is pretty clean compared to Koreatown, which is really littered. There’s lots of dogshit on the lawns, and lots of fast food bags tossed out. Sometimes, you see loads of beer bottles. There are other heavily littered areas around town.

    I see this in the suburbs too. One big culprit is Starbucks. For some reason, when people hang at a starbucks, they tend to leave the drink cups behind when they take off in their car. Closer in to LA, the culprit is a McDonalds, where people leave drink cups behind in the parking lot.

    You also see a lot of garbage on the onramps and offramps. I’ve seen some really bad messes along the 5 freeway and 2 freeway. Some people treat these areas like dumping grounds.

    I mean, what the hell? I have some garbage in my vehicle, but i don’t “clean” it by tossing the crap out the window. I drive to the gas station and throw it away in the trash can there. I’ve had things fly out the back of my truck accidentally, but I try to deal with that by pulling off the road and tidying up. A little conscientious behavior goes a long way.

  14. you think a banana peel is bad ? Dog poopoo IS WAY WORSE FUCHI !!!!! Trash is one thing, but when people don’t clean up after their dogs when they take a crap in the middle of the side walk WTF !?!?!?!? The smell lingers on even after you clean off from your shoe.

    I got your back yo !! Calling you that name, on your own blog no less, is not acceptable. We all have opinions but name calling like that ? Not cool yo, not cool.

  15. Well I linked to your blog from one of the LA blogs in my Google Reader and now I’m torn. I lived in Hacienda Heights for years before moving to Lincoln Heights. Personally, I felt that Lincoln Heights had all the good qualities of Hacienda Heights but without the long drive to work. Anyhow, I started reading through your comments and I noticed that apparently one of your reader doesn’t like Covina either (where I grew up). I’m just so confused now about my identity. Btw, read both your post about the banana peel and El Chavo’s post about the Christmas tree and I have to say that while the Christmas tree on the curb on Christmas day is pretty bad it still doesn’t compare to my LH neighbors burning their Christmas tree on the grassy patch between the sidewalk and the curb on the day after Christmas.

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