31 firsts for 2008

Of course, there’s more firsts for this year, but I wanted to keep the list limited to 31 (and to not-so-personal topics).

  1. Checked out Rose Parade floats at the end of the parade route
  2. Passed my qualifying exam
  3. Wrote a haiku for someone and sent it via text message
  4. Craved coffee
  5. Went to a country music concert (this was at the Houston Rodeo)
  6. Visited Austin and had beer in a movie theater
  7. Met some of my favorite bloggers and attended monthly informal meetings with other Latino bloggers in LA
  8. Hailed a cab in NY
  9. Was recognized by a blog reader
  10. Watched Lost with someone who likes the show much more than me
  11. Partied on Tijuana’s Avenida Revolución
  12. Enjoyed Chican@ (or post-Chican@?) art at LACMA
  13. Served on a jury
  14. Watched Yo Gabba Gabba! (my life has not been the same)
  15. Played Wii
  16. Won two free ticket giveaways for the same concert
  17. Made a movie using iMovie
  18. Had veggie soy tacos, and really liked them
  19. Went on a blog-strike
  20. Fell for someone outside my age range
  21. Talked about blogging as part of a panel at two different academic/professional conferences (NACCS and UNITY)
  22. Ran around barefoot in the Crown Fountains at Millennium Park in Chicago (bonus: really enjoyed Chicago)
  23. Took pictures in an old-school photobooth
  24. Used a dishwasher
  25. Raced go-karts at Speedzone
  26. Participated in a presidential campaign
  27. Told off at a stranger at a Dodger game because he said something racist
  28. Was in an art show (not as an artist, but as a subject in a portrait)
  29. Celebrated on election night
  30. Got caught in hail (in San Francisco)
  31. Felt an airbag deploy in a car accident

First for 2009? How about I really make headway on earning my PhD.


8 thoughts on “31 firsts for 2008

  1. great list — good or bad everything happens for a reason, no? 🙂
    im specially fond of #20 for reasons you and i and other ppl know =)
    also, because im living it and its pretty neat.

  2. Tan says:

    Number 9 was totally me. It was great meeting you! Keep up the great work on your blog and contributing to Puro Pedo. As for number 12, ‘Phantom Sightings’ was one of my highlights of this past spring. Hope 2009 is as, if not more eventful and enjoyable to you and yours. Be well.


  3. I had a # 9 too which was way trippy, didn’t actually think people read what I had t say.

    Ditto for # 12 and a big hell yeah to # 7, I love meeting up and swapping stories.

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