Ten firsts

Things I did for the very first-time over the long weekend (starting Wednesday):

  1. Ate a bacon-wrapped hot dog (made by my brother, I have yet to go the street vendor route)
  2. Played a drinking game with playing cards
  3. Played over the line, a version of softball, at a local park with my brothers and some of their friends
  4. Watched a bubble show
  5. Played Pictionary (the actual board game)
  6. Wore a clown wig
  7. Attended a pro football game, but I have yet to tailgate
  8. Visited Balboa Park
  9. Tripped and fell in a restaurant (my knee is still tender)
  10. Shared a hot fudge sundae with DB

7 thoughts on “Ten firsts

  1. I don’t even eat meat but I still don’t think it counts unless you eat a bacon wrapped from a street vendor. I’m pretty sure thats a rule.

  2. yup, has to be from a cart. The illegality of the whole operation is part of the experience! Plus, you get the taste of the jalapeños and the other goodies with la salchica that… Goddamn I want to be back in L.A. now.

  3. El Chavo,
    You don’t eat meet. Thus, you have no say on the legitimacy of my bacon-wrapped hot dog experience.

    What’s Crif Dog and what do they put on hot dogs?

    On some level, I think it is because they just don’t look appetizing when I seem someone frying them on a cart on a Hollywood sidewalk. However, the first time I rejected one was at a friend’s house.

    I’m sure the opportunity will arise in the future.

    Eh… your opinion doesn’t count either since you’re back east. 😛

  4. damn, a hot fudge sundae sounds good right now, im gonna need to get one of those.

    oh and ive never tried a bacon wrapped hot dog, how do they taste? even to i dont really jam on hot dogs like that to begin with, im just curious. lol.

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