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Question of the week: The Blog Crush

I got an email today. It went something like this.

I found your friend’s blog. Now I got a huge crush on said friend!

I smiled and thought of the timeliness of my friend’s email. I’ve been thinking about blog crushes these days.

The blog crush isn’t really about looks, but looks definitely help. Rather, the attraction is centered around a talent for expressing ideas or telling stories. The blog crush is just like an intellectual crush, but it starts online.

I’ve been blogging a while and over the years I’ve had a few blog crushes. They wear off when said blogger begins blogging sporadically or stops all together. Sometimes the crush just wears off as I get to know him better.

My current blog crush is Jay Smooth. I think he’s my first internet “celebrity” blog crush.

Question of the week: Do you have blog crushes? Or have you had a blog crush?


14 thoughts on “Question of the week: The Blog Crush

  1. in 2001, jay smooth told me i was awesome, and other nice things. i never deleted the inbox, but i think all the old ones were lost in the upgrade, right? (did they do the upgrade? i haven’t logged in since june.) he is a worthy blog crush- i can’t say i know many people who are quite as level-headed and thoughtful in real life.

    i don’t know if i’ve had blog crushes so much as people who i’ve had online crushes on have had blogs, if that’s any different.

    also: doesn’t that part of getting to know people better suck? i mean, it’s ostensibly being replaced with a very worthwhile bond and deeper knowledge of a person you admire and respect, but you can never get back that initial ‘wow’ you had about somebody once you’re close to them and they become another mere mortal.

    also: hooray for a new post! i miss your updates, hope everything is going great.

  2. i don’t recall having a crush on another blogger, but i certainly have had crushes on people who used to comment on my blog when i wrote more often. :p

  3. Well… *ahem*cough*blush*
    Yep, I’ve got the biggest blog crush right now. I told a friend of mine that he’s like the guy for me. I’ve already thought about what our kids will look like!

    (I’ve been in a Muslim country for much too long. All I can have are crushes.)

  4. Steve says:

    I gotta say. I loved, the layout and the potential audience they could have brought in. The blog is dead now, too bad.

  5. well, i absolutely have a crush on a blogger. I’m addicted to all that he/she posts. They are talented, funny, cool, sexy, physically totally my type and well, what else can I say, I’m in crush!

  6. Alejandro Says:
    November 26th, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    I’ve crushed on blog designs and headlines. Never the blogger, really.

    Um, I’ve got one. Like, just stumbled on it and BAM, crush.

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