November Project, Part 2

I’ll post something more substantial soon, but first I need some interesting topics. If you have suggestions, leave a comment below or email me.

November 11: I have two bookshelves. They’re full of books I’ve read several times and books I’ve yet to open. Lately I’ve just been checking out books from the library as I have no space for more books and I save some money.

November 12: I didn’t really keep in contact with folks from high school. I’m connected to some of them via Facebook and MySpace now, but I don’t really hang out with them. Still, I’m curious as to how the folks of Glen A. Wilson High School’s class of 1998 are doing. I would have gone to my 10-year high school reunion if not for my sister’s fundraiser on the same night. Amy says I should have gone and written up a report for her. Sorry, Amy!

November 13: I usually take the bus to school as it’s convenient and cheap (25 cents per ride, our fares are subsidized). If I’m running late, I might be forced to drive. Sleeping in ends up costing me $8.50.

November 14: Puro Pedo Magazine and MEChA de CSU Fullerton teamed up for an artshow/fundraiser. All proceeds from tickets, art sales and silent auction were donated to Adelante California, an organization that makes scholarships available to ALL students. Some AB 540 (read: undocumented) students can’t apply to scholarships that require you be a citizen or permanent resident. More info: PPM blog

Note: I got to meet the Punk Rock Family. Cool 😀

November 15: It was weird driving east to my parent’s home. As I traveled over the hills ~10 miles east of LA, I came upon a dark cloud over the San Gabriel Valley. The fires southeast in Brea, Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills were not too close, but the smoke and ash drifted over 10-15 miles (as the crow flies) to Hacienda Heights. It was gross. Everything smelled burned.

November 16: On Wednesday, I found out that the damage to my car resulted in a total loss (damage > value of car). I was bummed. I didn’t really want to worry about getting a new car, so considered fixing it up with the money my insurance would pay out. Although my car would not be the same after repairs, this option seemed like it would be less costly.

I re-thought my plan over the weekend. My recent accident was my third (in 6 years) in the same car. I also narrowly escaped at least one quite serious accident. I convinced myself that my trusty Stratus might just be bad luck.

In a day, I went from trying to salvage my car to looking for a used car to buying a new “copper red” Mazda 3.

I’m still getting used to the new car and miss my old one. I had a lot of fun times in that car.

November 17: I worked late covering an event for my co-worker. The freshmen and sophomores ate all the pizza. A few latecomers didn’t get any. Too bad.

November 18: I picked up my collision report written up by the CHP officer(s) who arrived at the scene of the accident. The best part was on the last page in the section about cause of accident. CHP found the other dude at fault (no surprise, but it’s still nice to se it written). While in the area, I stopped by for dinner at my parent’s house. Mom made elote. Hmmm.

November 19: When I try to clean I end up making a bigger mess. I found this old notebook from 2000-01 in my bookshelf. Notice how I hyphenated Cindylu back then. The notebook is full of notes from MEChA meetings, doodles of turtles and sunbursts, and plans to reclaim Aztlan. I’m kidding.

November 20: Roommate1’s birthday was on Saturday. I missed the festivities because I wanted to get enough sleep before cheering on my sister as she ran her half marathon on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the marathon was canceled due to the poor air quality. Someone left these flowers and a balloon on Roommate1’s car. She thinks she has a secret admirer.


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