November Project, Part 3

November 21: My sister and I drove up to Casa de la Raza in Santa Barbara for Puro Pedo Magazine’s second “bad ass” art show and fundraiser. In total we raised over $2,000 for the Adelante California scholarship foundation. The pieces here are by Raul Herrera (standing) and Votan of Nahui Ohlin (laying down).

November 22: My family got together to celebrate my Madrina/Tía Chilo’s 65th birthday in El Monte. As the eldest of Papá Chepe and Mamá Toni’s eight children, she’s played the classic big sister role. She’s always helped out her younger siblings. To this day, she’s the first to arrive for a party/event, always ready to help out. Madrina Chilo is pictured with her immediate family, sans six children. L-R: Patty, Tony, Padrino José, Madrina Chilo, Bibi and Gonzalo.

November 23: This driveway painting outside of a sorority house reminded me of PR Mom’s moniker for her daughter.

November 24: DB wears cool shoes.

November 25: In theory, conference calls are a great idea. You save time and money on travel. In actuality, they suck. There’s always that one person who has all kinds of background noise and doesn’t know about the mute feature. I can’t complain too much, since I’m the one who decided it would be a good idea to have a conference call.

November 26: Game night with the siblings and some friends included Fact or Crap (player reads statements on a card, e.g. George Washington had wooden teeth, and each person decides whether or not it’s a fact or crap), Last King (a drinking game with too many rules) and Taboo (my team won!).

November 27: My family usually spends Thanksgiving at my Madrina Chilo’s house. This year, we headed east to Montclair and celebrated at my Tía Patty’s house with my dad’s side of the family. After dinner we played Pictionary so we wouldn’t be tempted to take naps. My team won.

November 28: I suppose if I develop a taste for bacon-wrapped hot dogs, I can buy such a package. No need to spend more time actually wrapping the bacon around the wiener.

November 29: Alejandro’s fifth birthday party centered on a circus theme. Thankfully, my cousin and his wife didn’t hire a creepy clown. Instead, they had a bubble show plus the standard brinca brinca/bouncy castle and piñata. I had a blast taking over the brinca brinca (all the kids were watching the bubble show) and playing Rock Band with my cousins.

November 30: I like football, but don’t pay much attention to the NFL. I just don’t feel invested in any team. Still, if offered tickets to a game, I’ll be there. It would have been nice to see the Chargers win and save their season. I’m not sure if fans were all that upset after the loss. I think they saw it coming.


4 thoughts on “November Project, Part 3

  1. I can not believe you ate those nasty mercado salchichas. You gotta go to Mexicali and eat them fo’real, on the streete, con el polvo de los carros pasando echando tierra on your perro caliente! those are not authentic! (raising brow, hmm… chusma, chusma, hmmt!)

  2. pr mom,
    i got to meet him when i went to naccs in the spring. he’s pretty cool. glad you liked the pic 😀

    i’m used to the phone now, just don’t ask me to transfer someone…

    chicana feliz,
    i didn’t buy the package. i believe my brother made the hot dogs himself. i’m not gonna go all the way to mexicali for authenticity. i guess i’ll just do without 😀

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