August Project, Part 2

Teacups at Disneyland

I had some technical difficulties this time around, but still was able to keep the one picture per day thing going thanks to DB and PhotoBooth.

August 11: The result of sitting out in the sun for a few hours at the Angels/Yankees game was an uneven tan. It may look ridiculous, but at least it didn’t burn.

August 12: I visited the Griffith Observatory for the first time since elementary school and had a great time. I’d like to go back when it’s less crowded and check out the planetarium show.

DB took this picture of the ceiling above the Foucault’s pendulum in the foyer. Yes, it may be cheating, but this time I have a better reason than “I forgot.” Many of my photos from Sunday and all from Monday and Tuesday were strangely erased from my memory card.

August 13: Pistolera put on a great show at MacArthur Park’s Levitt Pavilion. It took the crowd a while to dance to their music, but by the end most people were on their feet dancing.

August 14: UCLA is always under construction. Always. I walk by this building a few times a week, but just this week I finally noticed that the workers are pretty far along. It seems like a week ago, they were still clearing out dirt and laying the foundation.

August 15: I feel like I’m breaking some sort of rule by staying in on a Friday night to watch DVDs.

August 16: I attended my first bonfire of the summer at Dockweiler Beach. I’m not a big fan of bonfires. I hate smelling like smoke.

August 17: I went out a lot during the week, so I had to catch up Sunday evening on work. I was distracted by coverage of the Olympics.

August 18: Sometimes I leave work late.

August 19: My favorite ride at Disneyland is Space Mountain. DB and I went on twice to make up for the fact that I hadn’t been on the ride in ten years. I went to Disneyland as a chaperone for Grad Night 3 years ago, but didn’t get on any rides except for Star Tours. The second time we got on Space Mountain was at night. We came out to the nightly fireworks show. Everyone stood around looking up at the sky. It was kind of magical. Disneyland is pretty good at wowing you, even when you’re all grown up.

August 20: Fancy beer, the number 31 and good friends.. a few of my favorite things. Location: Father’s Office in LA.

August 21: I lagged on renewing my driver’s license. It expires next week. I could do it all online or via mail, but I wanted a new picture. Going to the Culver City DMV only took about 20 minutes since I made an appointment online. Hopefully I look okay in my new picture.


5 thoughts on “August Project, Part 2

  1. diana says:

    cindylu! your hair looks so cute! and the rest of your pictures are so cute… if his had been my week, all you would’ve seen was my room, my vicodin pills, applesauce and other foods cut up so small, it looks like you put them in the blender. but i’m better now =)


  2. Kuddos to you for keeping up with the one picture a day project.
    My daughter has been keeping up with hers since July 9th and is attempting to complete 365 Days.

    I for one, barely finished documenting “My June” adventures last night. It took me 11 hours to complete! I still need to work on July, and August is almost over. Phew!!!

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