Café Tacuba at the Greek Theatre

rubén, café tacuba

Summer concert season continued last week with the much-anticipated Café Tacuba show at the Greek Theater. As soon as I heard about the show, I purchased pre-sale pit tickets. I’ve been to the Greek Theatre twice before. And although it’s a nice venue for a summer night, I know I prefer to see los Tacubos in a smaller, more intimate setting.

More photos and short review, highlights, lowlights, and setlist after the jump.

Meme y Joselo

Review: Awesome. This was my 11th (!) show. No, I’m not tired of them.


Highlights: Mediodía; hearing lead singer Rubén Albarrán show off his voice with Una Mañana; and hearing all the guys sing! Also, they played two songs from Reves/Yosoy (2000), Locomotor and La Muerte Chiquita. I’ve never heard the latter live. Being close and taking lots of cool pictures. Finally, I invited a friend who had never seen los Tacubos live. So, seeing him awed was pretty cool too. Oh, and a little souvenir.

El Gallo Gas!

Lowlight: getting my toe stepped on and dodging dudes as they were moshing during La Chica Banda. I shouldn’t fear for my safety during the song honoring the women. Ugh. Dumb boys.

déjate caer dance

Set list*:
Seguir Siendo
Tengo Todo
El Outsider
Volver a Comenzar
Y Es Que
Cierto o Falso
Las Flores
Chica Banda
Cero y Uno
Chilanga Banda
Una Mañana
La Ingrata
Esa Noche
La Muerte Chiquita
Trópico de Cáncer
De Acuerdo
La Locomotora
La Negrita (only the end)
Esta Vez
El Fin de la Infancia

Como te Extraño
El Baile y el Salón

*NOT in order, this is just what I remembered, I didn’t write the songs down during the show. There were 4 songs during the encore, but I don’t remember the 4th.

For more photos from the show, go here.


5 thoughts on “Café Tacuba at the Greek Theatre

  1. Marcy says:

    It looks like it was so much fun. Ugh, I wanted to go so bad but I couldn’t find anyone that wanted to go with me.

  2. chidolitis says:

    Tiiite. That looked like fun, plus you got a pick out of it. By the way, those are really good picks!

  3. Brenda says:

    I went to the concert it was amazing. I was also able to get pit section. I hope they come again soon for I never get tired of their concerts.

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