Little known fact #101

I was in a Destiny’s Child music video.

Way back in 1999 I got an email (or maybe a call?) from the UCLA band director (assistant?) asking if I could make it to a video shoot at Fairfax High School for Bug A Boo, the new single by Destiny’s Child. I wasn’t doing anything that summer aside from taking summer school at the local community college. The pay seemed pretty good for doing pretty much nothing all day and I was able to get a ride from a clarinet player who lived nearby. I signed up.

As for the actual video shoot, I don’t remember much. We waited around a long time. It was hot. We caught a glimpse of Kobe Bryant, a lot of the girls oohed and aahed. We rehearsed our marching and finally did the real thing once the sun had set. The DC girls played majorettes and Wyclef Jean was the flashy drum major.

You can watch the video on YouTube (I can’t embed it). I used to be able to spot myself “playing” my trombone, but I doubt you’ll be able to do so on a low-quality video.

As for the first 100 little known facts, check here.


2 thoughts on “Little known fact #101

  1. Steve says:

    i’m sure calling someone a “bug a boo” never actually did catch on. On the other hand, anything with Wyclef Jean is AWESOME.

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