August Project, Part 1

Let’s see how long I can continue the photo a day project.

August 1: Alfred and I had finally had the chance to resume our Friday evening outings. This time around we caught the end of Manny Ramirez’s debut with the Dodgers at a local Mexican/Salvadorean restaurant, Gloria’s. Afterwards, we caught up at the recently opened Father’s Office location near my apartment. They have tons of beers on tap. It was tough to choose, so I let Alfred pick an Alaskan White Ale for me.

August 2: I had dinner in Chinatown, but forgot to take any photos then or throughout the day. So I cheated and supplanted an actual photo from August 2nd with one from January 2006. Hey, it’s still Chinatown.

August 3: After dying my hair, I went to Emily’s birthday party. Her parents make awesome tacos. I had some chicken, carne asada and al pastor tacos with the usual toppings.

August 4: After work, I met up with Hoi Ning for frozen yogurt in Westwood. We ignored the cheers behind us for a premiere at the Fox Theater, but didn’t avoid getting a little starstruck when I saw a Walter Mercado look a like walk by. I convinced Hoi Ning to join me so I could follow him. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the flamboyant astrologer (or his double). I was too shy to sneak a photo. Instead, I turned the camera on Hoi Ning, who was quite amused.

August 5: I took a walk through the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden. I liked the texture of these leaves surrounding the path.

August 6: Dad’s 55th birthday. He had breakfast with the grandparents, lunch with the brothers and dinner with the daughters. We took him and mom out to King Taco in Baldwin Park (his choice). Later, he got out his guitar and just started singing. While mom watered the front lawn in the dark, I laid down on the hammock and listened as he sang “Que feliz,” the song he wrote for her over 30 years ago. I wish I would have recorded it. A few minutes later, Lori joined us and we sang more songs like the one about los tres cochinitos and another about the kid who doesn’t want a little brother, but a puppy instead.

August 7: I watched Pineapple Express with Alfred at the local theater in Downtown Culver City. I liked the movie, but like Superbad, it dragged a little. A week later, I’m still trying to figure out what the third F in BFFF stands for. Any ideas?

August 8: Met up with the Puro Pedo Magazine staff (hey, download the new issue!) to discuss articles for our next issue. Jake and Esbeydy swore that they didn’t wear matching shirts on purpose. She got ready and left the house before him, or something like that.

August 9: Rock the Bells in San Bernardino! I got a call on Thursday from David, a friend who recently moved to LA. He had the hook up for Rock the Bells. I couldn’t pass up a chance to see Murs, Mos Def, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Kidz in the Hall, the Cool Kids and Spank Rock (among many others). We split up our time between the larger Glen Helen Pavilion (out in the hot sun!) and at the smaller second stage. Since we had VIP tickets, we also took advantage of the dark and cool VIP tent for a little while.

I really enjoyed Spank Rock’s (above) set. Along with Amanda Blank and his backup singer/dancer, Natalie, he put on a good, high-energy set. Plus, I think it helped that he performed after sunset when it was much cooler and comfortable.

I had a good time, but I don’t think I’m cut out for day-long festivals. Although I didn’t get get sunburnt, it was just way too hot and sunny for a concert.

August 10: I got hooked up again. This time, my brother’s girlfriend’s sister (confusing, I know) had an extra ticket for the Yankees/Angels game. I briefly considered turning down the opportunity. It’s tough to enjoy a game when it’s hot and sunny, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see my longtime favorite, Alex Rodriguez, in action. I got a weird tan despite applying and re-applying sunblock. My right shoulder got a bit darker than the left. It’s like reverse driver’s arm. Angels won with a hit off Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the ninth. At least they didn’t go in to extra innings.


4 thoughts on “August Project, Part 1

  1. have you tried hefeweize (spelling?), that and new castle are my two favorite beers. great pictures. i downloaded the new issue. have you got a chance to check out Kabula zine? mine is not as nice, but given that is just me and no budget, i think i do fine.
    thanks for the comments on the poem.

  2. dude!!

    im so jealous you got to go to rock the bells for free!!! i wanted to go so badly but my bank account disagreed with me.

    i wanted to see tribe again! lyrics to go!

    maybe the bfff best fuckin friends forever?

    i like this project, i also caught the july ones, those were awesome as well. im actually thinking of a similar a project with a bit of a twist, that will be coming soon.

    its like one of my profs used to say “just make pictures”

    keep up the good work! (still jealous from rock the bells, haha)

  3. mo says:

    I love the picture you paint of your dad playing the guitar and you on the hammock. You must record that song girl!

  4. Tin,
    Yes, I’ve tried it. I really like the Hefeweizen at Pyramid Alehouse in Berkeley. They have one they mix with lemonade (they call it a beertail, like cocktail, get it?). It’s soooo good. I like Newcastle too. I’ve only dl’ed one issue of Kabula. Hay más?

    Thanks! Rock the Bells is tiring! It’s fun, but I’ve had enough hip hop for a while 😛

    I’ll see what I can do. 😉

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