Cincuenta y cinco

Dear Dad,

You know me. I’m not a morning person, which is a bit ironic because one of my favorite things to do is sing Las Mañanitas on the birthdays of my loved ones. So, being the tech-savvy girl that I am I made a recording using Garage Band and the built in microphone on my laptop. I hope it’s not too complicated to download the MP3 (audio file).

Here it is: Las Mañanitas

Just right click with the mouse, and choose “save as” on the menu that pops up. The file should begin downloading. Now that you finally have a DSL connection, it should be pretty quick. I think you can also begin playing it if you just click on the file. You can call me too if you need help.

I hope you like my version. It would’ve been better with you on guitar. It always is.

Happy 55th Birthday!

Love you lots!



5 thoughts on “Cincuenta y cinco

  1. Que homenaje tan bonito!

    I hope your dad had no problem opening the file and that he thoroughly enjoyed your rendition of this beloved traditional song.

    Happy belated B-Day to your dad!


    P.S. – Your singing is pretty good! You’re going to have to join me at our next karaoke party=D

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