July Project, Part 1

I wasn’t writing much last month, but I made an effort to take a photo each day. First batch after the jump.

July 1: Ch-ch-chosen.

July 2: My neighborhood. I took a walk to the Cheviot Hills Recreation Center near my apartment. I went swimming and on the way back took photos of the neighborhood with an emphasis on the traffic calming measures. This sign is new and at the time there were no speed bumps, they’re there now.

July 3: White party hosted by Alfred’s friends. I wore a white t-shirt and white skirt and didn’t get them dirty. Go me.

July 4: Late Thursday night my mom got sick and had to be hospitalized for the night. I visited her with my brothers the next day. She seemed pretty fine and didn’t mind us joking around and watching the Dodger game in her room. Baldwin Park Kaiser was really quiet. She was home to enjoy the neighbors’ fireworks later that evening. Yay.

July 5: A lazy Saturday. That’s my brother and the dog, VR.

July 6: The kitchen and living room have been gutted. For a little while the place felt like the inside of a sparse cabin or like we were camping, especially at night with one single light.

July 7: Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl. I was a little annoyed with DB before the show, but all that melted away as soon as Stevie Wonder took the stage.

July 8: I loved WALL-E. DB did too. He gave me an Eve doll for my desk.

July 9: dinner date with DB. Mooch came up with the nickname. Thanks.

July 10: I spent four days in Berkeley for my 4th University of California Student Association Congress in as many years. I heard the best new word hanging out on Sproul Plaza during lunch: “technopenis.” (In reference to cell phones.)


3 thoughts on “July Project, Part 1

  1. do you use your cellphone as a camera? i find it hard carrying my camera around. i like the picture of your feet on the hammock. i used to have one but i left it in Mexico. I actually do enjoy sleeping on those. who is the ‘diamond man’? (yes, que chismoso)

  2. Steve says:

    TECHNOPENIS! Please tell me that it was a tall guy with curly hair (questonably homeless) who said this!

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