Question of the week: Los Padres

Dad comes to my rescue whenever I need him. And I need him a lot.

Last week, I called him a bit freaked out because my car was overheating. I was in Northridge about 20 minutes from my apartment with no cell phone. I made it safely to my friend’s apartment and called dad to figure out what to do about my overheating car.

I gave him directions to my friend’s apartment and a few hours later, he and my mom showed up in Northridge. They’d driven out from Hacienda Heights (45 minutes to an hour away) to check up on my car. Of course my dad could have told me how to do some basic checks under the hood. And he could have told me to call the roadside service included in my warranty, but I’m his daughter. He drops everything if I — or Lori, Danny and Adrian — need him.

The whole experience made me realize that I’m not as independent as I thought. I need my dad and his Charlie Services™.

La Pregunta: Why does your dad rock? Amusing anecdotes appreciated.


11 thoughts on “Question of the week: Los Padres

  1. Vero says:

    My dad does the same. A running gunfight along Griffin Avenue some years back resulted in many flat tires along the street. After calling the cops, talking to the neighbors, and tsk-tsking about the state of crime I proceeded to pull out the spare. My landlady asked incredulously, “You’re going to change the tire yourself?” “No,” I responded. “I’m going to do what any young, independent woman of the 90s would do. I’m calling my dad.” And sure enough, there he was a few minutes later. I guess I could have called AAA, but something about my dad helping me seemed so much more reassuring.

  2. My dad always comes to my rescue too. He often takes us out to restaurants and picks up the check. He comes over with dinner when he picks up my mom who is over watching my girls until I get home from work. But I really knew that my dad rocks when I was a little girl. My dad took me and my sister out of school to go to Dodger Opening Day. More than once. A memory that I will never ever ever forget.

  3. well, maybe am off-track here, i would rather give my insight as a father. no matter how big and ‘independent’ my daughter will ever get, i will always give the world to her because she adds so much meaning to my life. and i hope that even after she leaves the house when she’s 25 years old =) she will still need me.

  4. I learned some of my best traits from my dad, and they oddly have to do mostly with being confident with my own skills to manage things, without depending on others.

  5. Momo says:

    After moving back home, I now enjoy the spoils of being the Only that I didn’t get as a kid. Every morning, my daddy wakes up early to let the doggy out of my room, wipe down my car, open the gate at the driveway, and reminds me to grab something for breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day. My daddy is there for me every morning before I leave for work, every evening when I come home from work, and every night before I go to bed. I love my dad.

  6. I too call on my dad to “rescue” me because he’s so darn knowledgable (sp) about near everything. But, at the same time, I agree with El Chavo. He is so independent (he can fix everything, build furniture, etc etc) that he has imparted that independent streak on me, I think. He certainly tries to. Even when I bring home my car for him to change the oil, he always calls me outside and makes sure we do it together so that I know how to do it myself. And he taught me how to put a spare on as well.

  7. luz says:

    My dad rocks because he loves to dance and he dresses cool. But the best reason is because he loves to chiquiarme and I let him!

  8. My dad has come to my rescue many times… not only does he take time for me and my brother… he is a wonderful mentor to his own students. He gives selflessly of his time to encourage our gente to pursue studies beyond an undergraduate degree. He truly is a role model for people who want to make a difference.

  9. My Dad calls me Toots…and he has this special whistle for me. When I hear it, I feel like I’m a little girl again and he’s come to pick me up for the weekend. 🙂 My Dad always taught me to treat others the way I want to be treated. He is always calm. He is always friendly. He is always accepting of me. I feel like I could talk to my Dad about anything and he wouldn’t judge or condemn me. He has grown much more fatherly as he’s aged…and I really like that.

  10. This is such a tough question. I don’t think there’s one or two things that I can pinpoint on this. I’d have to write a book on why my dad rocks.


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