Number 32 and number 34


I’m still sulking. Yes, me the fair weather fan who only pays attention to the Lakers during the playoffs. To be fair, the playoffs do last forever in the NBA. But still, I’m very much a hometown girl and anything that makes LA look bad hurts me.

Anyway, I was trying to do a little writing therapy, but nothing was working. A beer didn’t help either.

And then I remembered the time I met Magic Johnson three years ago after a pick up game at UCLA where he played with a few other NBA players.

It got me laughing and feeling good for the first time all night.

Here’s the story as told to Matt, a friend from New Orleans:

Cindylu: there were a couple other NBA players there
Matt: just — man
Matt: i can’t believe it
Matt: duuuude!
Cindylu: my friend got his ball signed
Matt: man
Cindylu: paul pierce and another guy signed it too
Matt: what the FRICK!?!
Matt: paul pierce was there?!
Cindylu: yeah
Cindylu: (but i did not recognize him)
Matt: oh my God dude
Matt: that’s my favorite player
Cindylu: i only recognized magic and earl watson (my favorite from ucla days)
Cindylu: wow
Matt: man why are these experiences wasted on people like you
Matt: who would have rather met fernando valenzuela
Cindylu: hey, i was hyped about meeting magic
Matt: watch, i bet fernando walks into the frickin grocery store tomorrow
Matt: and we’re gonna take pictures holding our gallons of ice cream
Cindylu: what’s paul pierce’s number?
Matt: 34
Cindylu: look [link to photo below, those are my Chucks in the photo!]
Matt: you know what? just don’t show me any more
Matt: i’m just angry now
Matt: i cant’ frickin believe you just stumbled upon what would be the defining moment of my life
Cindylu: yeah, me neither

Well, I’m sure Matt would be happy to know that I now know and recognize Paul Pierce.


5 thoughts on “Number 32 and number 34

  1. Yesterday was a disappointment but I’m hoping this means that next year they’ll take the damn thing. This is the closest they’ve gotten in forever it seems like. Of course, I’m also expecting Kobe to say he wants out again. sigh.

    Love the photo of you with Magic.

  2. How you people root for Kobe Bryant and Co. will never make sense to me.

    And he’s right. Can you imagine what a pick-up game with Magic and Pierce? That’s like…*apoplectic with joy*

  3. My sympathies on your basketball loss. I’m not really a sports fan however, I do get it; the Charger loss left a profound sadness here during the football season.

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