When I was a kid, I never understood why Mamá Toni called a birthday a “día de tu santo” or “santo” for short.

No one explained to me that Mexicans often chose a name based on feast saint’s days.

Mamá Toni was named Antonia because she was born on San Antonio de Padúa’s feast day.

Feliz día de su santo, Mamá Toni.


4 thoughts on “Santo

  1. As a Mexican, I too have questions about this. Can’t you be named after a santo that your birthday doesn’t necessarily fall on? And then that sort of gives you two birthdays a year- your birthday and your dia de tu santo. Right?

  2. My birthday is December 11. My mom, and grandmother used to tell me that if I was born one day later my name would have been Guadalupe.
    Thank goodness for the 11th.

  3. I noticed early on that the Mexican calendars my mom would place in the kitchen had all these santos on them,…later on I found out their use

  4. Letty says:

    Yes, everyone in my family has a birthday and a dia de su santo…except me! I always felt ripped off because I didn’t get to celebrate twice. But then again, I like my name more than the names that were coming my way on Dec. 10th.

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