Here’s to all the pretty words we will never speak

“Breakin’ Up” by Rilo Kiley at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (I was there)

Some questions (copied directly from Sean):

Do you like/love Rilo Kiley?

If so, what’s your favorite song?

Do you live [in/around LA]?

What are you doing [Thurdsay] night?

Do I even know you?

I’m just asking.


9 thoughts on “Here’s to all the pretty words we will never speak

  1. Love Rilo Kiley, my favorite song is Better Son/Daughter and unfortunately I don’t live in the L.A area. Someday I will. Someday

  2. I guess I can answer my own questions…

    1) I love Rilo Kiley. I love it so much, I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.
    2) My favorite song (currently) is Love & War
    3) I do not live in or around LA but I love to visit
    4) Watching Lost
    5) I’d like to think so since you promised to love me forever, not just on my birthday.

  3. Justin,
    Good choice (Though I’m not sure you can make a bad choice when it comes to Rilo Kiley). I love singing Better Son/Daughter at the top of my lungs.

    I’d love you even more if you lived in LA and could go the concert with me.

  4. AJ says:

    You probably already know my answers…

    1) I LOVE Rilo Kiley.
    2) Is it even possible to pick just one? I guess if I had to, I’d go with Paint’s Peeling…or Spectacular Views. Ok, it’s impossible for me to pick one. My Rilo Kiley love runs deep.
    3) I don’t live in or around LA, but my other half does…so I’m always there in spirit if nothing else.
    4) I’ll be firmly planted in front of the television. It’s Grey’s Anatomy night and I must have my Sara Ramirez fix.
    5) You know I have a massive e-crush on you 🙂

  5. Momo says:

    1) I don’t even know Rilo Kiley. I feel left out here.
    3) I live around LA.
    4) Going to Bally’s.
    5) Only just enough to be MySpace friends :).

  6. Sarita says:

    I love Rilo Kiley, and also Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. Better Son/Daughter, and With Arms Outstretched are in my top five of all favorite songs. When I saw Rilo Kiley play here in Portland on Saturday they played both of them and I nearly burst from happiness. I don’t know you, but you want to hear something really weird? I first heard of them on your blog a long time ago when you were still on diaryland. So you’re responsible for my Rilo Kiley love. Gracias!

  7. Maribel says:

    1)I sorta know them..my friend is obsessed and I’m going to Coachella this weekend and they’re gonna be there…
    3)I live in Davis now, but I used to live in La Puente
    5)No…but I stumbled upon your blog and I like reading it. I think your story and life overall is so interesting and it give me motivation to seek higher education since I came from a similar area in LA…kinda. La Puente is probably way worse…but ya know.

  8. Lucero Chavez says:

    Do you like/love Rilo Kiley? I Love Rilo Kiley and Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

    If so, what’s your favorite song? Does he love you

    Do you live [in/around LA]? I use to, and I miss it 😦

    What are you doing [Thurdsay] night? Studying for Finals

    Do I even know you? You know me and love me 🙂

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