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Tijuana Run ’08

A night out in Tijuana is really not the same without Oso, but it was still fun. I joined Nathan, his wife Rosario, and several of their friends for a Tijuana run to celebrate his birthday. I haven’t been to Tijuana since the last time I went with Nathan and Rosario in June, 2006.

My sister drove out with me to San Diego. At my tío Beto’s and tía Ana’s house (our place to sleep for the night) she realized she’d forgotten her passport. She wasn’t willing to find out what happens if you try and cross with only a driver’s license, and I didn’t want to stay home after driving a couple of hours, so I left her behind.

I met up with Nathan, Rosario and the rest of our group of eight people at the trolley in San Ysidro and walked over the bridge to Tijuana. We had dinner again at Cantina de los Remedios. The 2-for-1 drink special made up for the cold enchiladas de mole.

After dinner, we hopped in taxis and walked off the food with a short stroll along Avenida Revolución. We then entered La Estrella, our first dancing destination. At nine something, it was already full. Except for the fact that all clubs feel rather meat market-ish, La Estrella was the exact opposite of Tangaloo, the trendy club we went to last time I visited Tijuana. I’m sure we stuck out in the crowd as too young. Most of the crowd was middle-aged working class crowd and played “música popular” (as Rosario described it). It was kinda cool to see women my mom’s age — still wearing their smocks from the maquiladora where they work — line dancing to “No Rompas Más Mi Pobre Corazón,” a cover of Billy Ray Cyrus’ hit.

We ditched La Estrella for a second more age-appropriate place. The second place, La Iguana Rana, skewed young, was much more empty and louder. They played hip hop and reggaetón. We danced for a bit before leaving around 1 a.m. to cross back to el Otro Lado.

Aside from answering a lot of the (Latino) border agent’s questions, I didn’t have any issues crossing the border.

He: Good morning.
Me: [I hand him my passport, eye his name tag] Good morning.
He: Are you bringing anything back?
Me: Just this. [I show him a bag of the wheel-shaped doritos I’d just bought.]
He: Bringing back any medications? [He eyes my tiny purse.]
Me: No.
He: [Continues looking at my passport, changes the angle to make sure it’s not a fake.] Where do you live?
Me: [For some reason I need to think about this.] Um, LA.
He: How often do you go to Mexico each year?
Me: Once or twice.
He: Mosqueda?
Me: Yeah.
He: What’s your dad’s nickname?
Me: [Huh?] Charlie.
He: I had a friend with that last name, we used to call him Mosquito.
Me: Oh, yeah. I get that too.
He: [Hands me my passport.] Thank you, have a good day.
Me: You too.

Back in San Ysidro we split up and headed back to our own cars.

As I made the five minute trip back to my tío Beto’s and tía Ana’s house, I thought about the entitled feeling I had to cross that border. I take that privilege for granted.


9 thoughts on “Tijuana Run ’08

  1. Next time maybe we’ll do something outside the tourist meat market like sit and chat someplace where “tienes tremendo CULO!” isn’t thumping us over the head every two seconds. Two of the Tijuana bloggers that met up with us said their parents later said La Estrella is a place people of that age go to hook up, like, even for money… NOW they tell me 🙂

  2. Veronica says:

    I love TJ… I go about 4 -5times a year. I’m not a club hopper….I go to EAT… I go to this hole in the wall restaurant that I kid you not is not bigger than a commom living room and fits a 18 man banda sinaloense…I go for the beer and the music… LOVE IT! then eat some more at a taco stand and you cant skip the churros and elotes …and on the linea..some churros locos or some diablitos… oh I love TJ!

  3. Cindylu, What a fantastic photo! I saw it on your facebook and loved it, so I’m glad you posted it. Nice story too. All you folks are lucky to live close enough to make a Tijuana run – I would love to go — for the same reasons Veronica lists above! When we make a border run it’s to Buffalo to shop, but only when the Canadian dollar rise above the U.S. $. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  4. Who has a tremendo culo??!!

    I was going to say that it looks like I really missed out this time around, but then I get to the part about “No Rompas Más Mi Pobre Corazón” and reggaeton … maybe it’s better that I wasn’t there. Just kidding – I really miss hanging out with you guys.

    Those border control guys are absolute idiots. I only like the Filipino one with the moustache – he’s hilarious.

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