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In January, I got an invitation from the blogger behind Eastside Scene to have coffee, tea and just chat about blogging. He invited other local bloggers. The first meeting was small. Just me, Eastside Scene and P3000. The next meeting in February was much better attended. I skipped out on the March meeting because I was touring Texas.

I left work on time to make sure I wouldn’t arrive at El Gallo Café the site of our monthly meetings too late. Eastside Scene was the only one there for a while and we chatted about art and blogging over smoothies. Soon we were joined by Ed from View From A Loft.

Ed’s great. Not only does he have some cool photos of major LA events posted on his blog, but he also comes up with some witty headlines. Well, more like blog titles. He complimented my writing, and I mentioned that I’d like to have his ability to write succinct titles.

“You know, you should re-name some of my posts,” I suggested.

Ed pulled up my blog and looked for recent posts. Ed, Eastside Scene and I came up with some titles for my simply-titled Nopalitos post:

  • Macho Vegan
  • Vegan Mexican Style
  • Nopales: Danger or Delicacy?
  • Nopales: Espinal Tap

For my Tijuana trip, they suggested:

  • My Run to the Border
  • TJ Express
  • Tijuana: Our Version of Disneyland
  • Dancing in to Tijuana
  • TJ My Way
  • T.J. … Wanna?
  • Tijuana… it wasn’t even crazy

Wendy and P3000 showed up a little later, but we still had plenty of time to catch up on some city issues — like taco trucks — and biking in Baja California before the café closed for the evening.

Before leaving East LA for Palms, I visited a taco truck for the first time in 7 years. I know, I know… I’m about to get my Chicana card revoked. Wendy recommended the truck, parked at the corner César Chávez and Evergreen across the street from the cemetery. While waiting for our tacos, Wendy talked to the woman who owned the truck, Graciela, about the penalties imposed against taco truck owners for not moving often enough. We took our tacos to go, it was too cold to stand around and eat them outside.

I dropped Wendy off, got back to the freeway without getting lost in City Terrace. At home, I shared a taco with my roommate. We both agreed that the tacos, we had tacos de carne asada and al pastor, were excellent.


8 thoughts on “Placeholder for Ed’s clever post title

  1. Ed is one of the funniest people I know.

    If I ever do stand up comedy, he’ll be writin some of my jokes. I’d much prefer him to dress up like me and just do ’em himself.

  2. Cholos to Go

    Tacos Por Tu

    El Gallo Gang Gathers

    Latino Bean Mix III

    Making Points on Chicano Green Card

    Refried Scenes: Bloggers Review Issues

    Bloggers share ideas and I consult fellow blogger how to make shorter and snappier headlines; I vow to write with brevity on this post

  3. cindy, i hate to say it, but all of those suggestions are corny as hell. i like your simplicity way better.

    (to be fair, the titles of actual posts on ed’s blog do not look so corny. maybe it’s just a matter of context. or wait.. could he be trying to sabotage you?!)

  4. Hmmm sabotage, good idea.

    That’s true, #3, these were not my best––althought I like the last one. Cindy has a different voice; personal, thoughful . ..and her posts do not take my crass word play well. No excuse that I did those in 10 minutes with no coffee. She deserves better.

  5. Cindy: That you haven’t eaten from a taco truck in SEVEN YEARS has shaken my faith in life. If Cindy–las mas Chicana en Chicanolandia–doesn’t regularly patronize taco trucks, then what future does la raza have in this world???

  6. Hmm….about taco trucks…my family usually gets tacos at the local Acosta Tacos. When I think taco trucks, I think….Sunday morning soccer games at the park maybe? I feel like I only have heard about the great status of taco trucks from (white) college kids…don’t want to demean the taco truck, they’re great, but is it really that much of a Chicano marker? I’d say the tamalero and the fruit man and the raspados and the paletero man have more resonance with me than taco trucks, at least that’s the case in Inglewood where I grew up…I dunno, what do people say?

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