Spring break, grad student style

I’ve been in college eight years and have never taken a spring break trip. The stereotypical trip is not my thing. I don’t care too much for beaches and tanning and parting with drunken frat boys. I do like traveling, but I couldn’t afford that during my 4 years as an undergrad. For the past 3 years in grad school, I’ve been (a) too poor or (b) too tired of traveling to want to schedule a trip during the short break between winter and spring quarter.

This year is different since I sort of have to take a spring break. Actually, it’s more like I’m going on tour: Dallas to visit family; Austin for a conference (not SXSW, I wish); Houston to visit more family, meet my cousin’s newborn son; New York City for a second conference.

I’m really excited about the Texas part of the trip. It’s been about a year since I’ve seen most of the Texas side of the family and I miss them. I’ll also finally meet some of my favorite (former) bloggers and reunite with HEOC alumni now living and teaching in Austin.

But New York… well, I think LCD Soundsytem put it quite well: “New York I love you, but you’re bringing me down” (mp3).

I’ve gotten half a dozen headaches simply trying to schedule my flight through the travel office at school and my codo hurts when I look at hotel costs.

It’ll all work out. I’ll forget about the headaches when I’m hanging out with Sean or grabbing lunch with Jeff or hitting up the open bar with fellow students at one of the many conference receptions. I won’t rule out the typical spring break hangover just yet.

Photo from my December 2002-January 2003 trip to NYC by my good friend Chris.


6 thoughts on “Spring break, grad student style

  1. NY, you say?

    Why did you not tell me earlier? We should try to meet up while you are in town.

    Email me and maybe we can work something out.

    As to hotels, you might consider staying in NJ – much cheaper. When we were looking for housing here we stayed in Fort Lee, NJ. There are mini-buses that run from there across the GW Bridge all the time (cost $1) and drop you off on the A-line (175th St.).

  2. jennifer says:

    are you going to NACCS? make sure to enjoy all the great restaurants, funky coffeeshops, and fun mom and pop shops. email me if you need suggestions!

  3. Cindylu, I can’t wait to meet you! And don’t worry, Jennifer, I can make sure I’ll give her a trip through the weird side of Osten. 🙂

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