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Question of the week: In a sentence or two

It’s happened twice in the last two weeks.

The first time I was asked to describe my blog was at the Latina/o blogger gathering in East LA. The second gathering, set up by Eastside Scene, was pretty well attended. Everyone got a chance to discuss how he/she got started in blogging and their focus. When my turn came along, I explained that I’d been blogging for about 6 years. I didn’t even know I was blogging when I started. Since then, my initial diary-like writings have evolved as I realized people were actually reading. That was the easy part. It was more difficult to describe what I write about.

Yesterday, my friend Jake, editor of Puro Pedo Magazine, asked me to describe my blog in a sentence. It was tough. Jake called it “digital chisme,” but I think it’s more than that even if chisme’s been a current focus. I came up with something last night, but today it looks rather pretentious and the description is still unclear.

La Pregunta: How would you describe your blog in a sentence or two? How would you describe my blog?

[Note: Yes, I know I’ve been lagging on the QOTW posts. I’ve been a little distracted. I have a few ideas for the next few weeks, so don’t fear my lovely readers.]


14 thoughts on “Question of the week: In a sentence or two

  1. Mine is, “A blog on politics and daily events from a conservative Hispanic perspective.”

    Yours is, “girly”. Atleast you don’t put flowers up every week or so though. 🙂

  2. I don’t remember my little sentence i had, something about a writer who thinks he’s real chingón but he’s not really…

  3. I described my old blog at blogspot as “Freedom of expression and expression of freedom.” Then again, back then the name of my blog was “The world rests on my shoulders.” Now that I’m at WordPress and my blog is titled Soledad en masa, I think the best way to describe it is “A West Coast Chicano educating himself in the East Coast.”

  4. mine- “ritzy periwinkle blog for ya ass, oh a bit of this and that for your minds” that’s what it actually says on the blog header.

    yours- a window into loteria chicana’s world

  5. Loteria Chicana: a personal and sincere blog exploring the different facets of a young Chicana’s life.

    Chanfles!: Pendejadas de amonton!

  6. Me: My older blogger header used to say something along this line…Striving to be real…cuz I feel that there are too many mom bloggers out there who are trying to make themselves out to be perfect…or terribly bad. I’m just here to tell you, straight up, I gotta lock my fridge or the kids will eat all the food…sometimes I get caca on my hands from wiping my kids butts all day…and sometimes I feel like I am the luckiest chica on the planet because I get to raise these beatiful little beings.

    You: To me, you truly represent what a Chicana is…your close family ties, your appreciation of your heritage, and striving to educate yourself so that you can make a difference somewhere. And we get to read all about it. 🙂

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