The Monday after the comedy show, I called him for the first time.

Ojitos: I had a really good time last night.
Me: It was alright.
Ojitos: Ouch.
Me: I’m just kidding! You know I’m joking, right?
Ojitos: Yeah…


Me: [in Squints from The Sandlot voice] Foreveeeer. Do you know where that’s from?
Ojitos: Of course.
Me: So?
Ojitos: From The Sandlot.
Me: Yes! We can be friends now.


Me: Most of my friends call me Cindylu. It’s just one of my many nicknames. No one calls me by my given name, Cynthia. I think it sounds snobby, too formal.
Ojitos: Cynthia? It’s a nice name.
Me: Well, you can call me Cynthia if you like. [In Flower from Bambi voice] You can call me Flower if you like.
Ojitos: I like that. I’m gonna start calling you Flower.
Me: But Flower was a skunk! And he was a boy!
Ojitos: That’s okay.
Me: So you think I’m stinky like a skunk?
Ojitos: No.
Me: Oh, okay. Then you can call me Flower.


Me: So Thursday, are you down for the Los Lobos show?
Ojitos: Yeah, I’ll pick you up.
Me: Cool. And Friday?
Ojitos: How are you going to celebrate?
Me: I’m not sure yet.
Ojitos: Well, let me know. I want to be there.
Me: Okay.


Ojitos: Buenas noches, mi flor.


8 thoughts on “Florecer

  1. Ay, que coqueta eres tu, with these phone calls! I love it ~ I’m gonna try that sometime. 😉 ~ As usual, this is a sweet sweet post ~ Hey, do *I* get points for getting the Sandlot reference???

  2. Gustavo Arellano says:

    A-HA!!!! This happened muy, muy long ago (like two months, I think) because the last Los Lobos show in the Southland was when they played at Royce Hall–and that was on a Friday! Unless you somehow got Ojitos to get Louie Perez and David Hidalgo to do a private serenade–now THAT would make even me swoon!

  3. Mari,
    Yes. Anyone who gets my Sandlot references (whether a guy I’m smitten with or just a friend) gets points.

    It can be done. I’ll have Ojitos give you lesons.

    Dude, why are you getting all investigative reporter on me?

  4. Cindylu, I was actually going to say the same thing as GusA because I am a huge Los Lobos fan. I know where they are playing all the time by checking and At the pollstar site, you can see where any artist is scheduled to perform all over the world. Sometimes, LL plays private shows at benefits or for corporate gigs though. Hope you had a good time at the show.

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