Hay unos ojos

I never figured out if his eyes were green or hazel. In the dim light of a bar, they were hazel. On a balmy Sunday afternoon, they were green. I asked him once, and even he didn’t have a definitive answer.

As lovely as they were, his eyes hardly stand out in my memory. When I envision him, I think of his smile, brown skin, curly hair, and how cute we looked together (his words, not mine).

I met him at a friend’s party. I showed up alone expecting other friends to later arrive, but they never showed. A few hours in to the party, he arrived with a mini-entourage. He interrupted as I talked to a mutual friend.

“You look familiar, do I know you?” he asked.

I didn’t know him. I’d never seen him around campus — which we later figured out was why he found me familiar.

There was talking and dancing and more talking and more dancing. He was good at both, but it was hot and we had to take a break for drinks. We went in to the house and relaxed on the couch. In the middle of a discussion on turtles, I noticed his eyes for the first time. I paused for a second and lost my train of thought. I wanted to stay something, but held back for fear that I’d sound like the white woman in those old Máquina de Lenguaje commercials.

Soon there were few people left at the party except for me, the hostess, my new friend and his entourage. It was time to go. He walked me to my car. We hugged and said goodbye.

And that was it.


10 thoughts on “Hay unos ojos

  1. OMG!!

    I remember those Maquina De Lenguaje commercials!
    “Zank You”…

    Can I just say.. If el Chavo Del Ocho was standing next to you, you’d make him look cute… You have that power.

  2. …Que si me miran
    Hacen que mi alma tiemble de amor

    Great song, Cindy, and a great post. I had something similar happen to me this weekend.

    so it goes.

  3. Get the hostess to hold another party…
    AND invite the same people.
    Hopefully, he’ll arrive : )
    y si fue “colado”,
    once he hears about the party,
    he’ll show up : )

    Good Luck!!

  4. Jeff,
    Thanks! I tried to find the commercial on YouTube, but I had no luck.

    I loooove this song. Hope your situation works out.


    New people are nice.

    There’s more to the story. Stay tuned.

    We don’t learn that stuff in grad school.


    Hah, good suggestion. Fortunately, I didn’t have to do that.

    I didn’t get a number.

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